Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's time for the HODGEPODGE.  Join the'll be glad you did!

1.  Did you watch the Oscars?  How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen? (American Sniper, Birdman, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash.   Yes, I did watch the Oscars.  We had seen quite a few of them....American Sniper, Selma, The Imitation Game, and The Theory of Everything.

Do you think actors should use their acceptance speeches as an opportunity to promote their political and/or social agenda?  Does that sort of speech make you more or less inclined to change the channel?  No, I don't think it is the time or the place for it.  But then I didn't listen to many of the acceptances.  We let the show get WAY WAY ahead and then we fast foward through most of what either didn't catch our interest or was annoying, lol.  The thing that amazed me the most was Lady Gaga.  Oh my goodness....what a beautiful voice!  Who knew?

2.  Speaking of the movies...are you comfortable going to a movie alone?  How about dinner in a restaurant (not fast food, but an actual restaurant)? The second half of the question was posed by Carrie who blogs over at It's Not Easy Being Queen.  Thanks Carrie!  I am totally comfortable doing both, and have, but not often.  It's just more enjoyable with company.

3.  What's the last home repair or home improvement project you had to pay someone to complete?  In hindsight was this a project you could have done yourself?  Well, I guess the last home project we PAID to have someone do was all the work we had done on this house before we moved in.  And no, there was NO WAY we could have done it ourselves.  There are a few things coming up that we are going to tackle ourselves.  If I had it my way, we'd pay to have them done.  But hubby can't bear to when he knows he can still do them.  My feeling is his work week is long and stressful and he needs to relax on the week-ends not paint and repair things.  I have a feeling I will lose this battle though!

4.  Have you ever had Indian food?  Like it or no?  If you're a fan, what's your favorite dish?  Have you ever prepared this yourself at home?  Is there an Indian restaurant in your current hometown? Nope never had it.  Doubt I'd be  fan.  Don't have a favorite obviously.  Nor of course have I prepared it.  There might be a restaurant as there are SOOOOO many around us, but I have never looked.  I am pretty sure it and my tummy would not get along.  

5.  A song that reminds you of your parents?  Pretty much anything by Dean Martin, or by  the Tijuana Brass.  Can still see them dancing to all of these.

6.  The 26th of February is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  What's your favorite, or one of your favorite fairy tales?  Do you have any childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale? Well I guess one of my favorites is Sleeping Beauty.  But I also love Beauty and the Beast.  Nope, don't have any really childhood memories with any of them.  

7.  What's a problem you solved yesterday?  Well lets see.  I was making the bed skirt for the coming new babies nursery.  I didn't have enough fabric to make the stripe at the bottom as big as the pattern called for.  Plus I didn't really want it that big anyway.  So I had to figure out how big I COULD make it to not only get the look I wanted, but to have enough of the fabric.  There was no going to buy more of it either as I bought it at the store that closed down and I had NO idea who it was even by to try getting it somewhere else.  Math IS NOT MY STRONG POINT!  Can't emphasize that enough, lol.  However I did figure it out and it came out perfectly.  

8.  Insert your own random thought here....I don't have any random thoughts right now.  How weird is that for me?  lol  My mind is on the rag doll I am still contemplating making and how I might go about it.  That's about as random as I get, lol

Hope you all are having a good week!  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. Congrats on solving the math problem! That's not my strong suit either : ) So glad your crib skirt turned out the way you had hoped. Enjoy your day!

  2. When I tried Indian it was too spicy and salty for me then and that was about 15 years ago. I can't imagine what it would do to me now! :)

    I grew up with menfolk who did everything themselves. My Dad is 70 and still just finished retiling his dining room and kitchen floors just before Christmas! "let's hire someone to do it" is a battle we'll never win. :)

  3. I use math all the time when sewing, especially considering that I rarely, if ever, use a quilt pattern ... so I use math to determine block size, how many blocks to make, what size borders to cut, etc. I can't imagine making a quilt without doing some kind of math ... thank goodness I did well in and enjoyed math in school.

  4. I'm not good with math either. So glad you got it figured out. Hope you will post a picture soon.

  5. Haha. Congratulations on coming out with the right amount of fabric! :-)) I haven't thought of the Tijuana Brass for s long time. I loved that sound!

  6. My mom and dad used to have several Tijuana Brass albums and would play them all the time. Oh, the memories!

  7. These are just fun to read. One gets a sense of the responder's personality for sure. I almost participated this week, but didn't because I didn't watch The Academy Awards. After that, it was all down hill. =D

  8. I can't wait to see the bedding for the new baby's nursery. Be sure and show us when you are finished.

  9. Even though I loved math in school, I get totally overwhelmed with figuring out something like that in sewing! Pitiful, I know...but so true. Same thing with figuring out a simple tip in a restaurant. Crazy. Good for you for finding a solution!! I'm looking forward to seeing it!


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