Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It's really a little late to be starting a post today, but I am going to see how far I can get before hubby gets home.  We had a nice week-end.  One thing I want to be sure and mention is that on Sat we went and saw the movie War Room!  It was just every bit as good as I just knew it would be.  I laughed, I cried, and most importantly became inspired to build up my prayer life even more.  In fact, WAY more!  There is just nothing too hard or impossible for our God, and I intend to tap A LOT more into that source from now on.  Go and see this movie if you get the opportunity....I KNOW you will love it too.  And then...I had to tell you about my strange eye appointment.  I wear contact lenses.  I have for years and years and years!  If you wear them too then you know you MUST have a check up once a year in order to get your prescription renewed and be able to continue picking up lenses as you need them.  Well....I had needed to get back in for my check up for a couple of months now, but I had a few boxes left that I could still use and since I wasn't having any trouble with mine I just continued on.  On Friday night though one of my last pair ripped and I knew I would have to get in to be examined on Sat.  So I made an appointment to go in after the movie and get it done,  I was wearing an old pair of glasses and since I haven't had a pair made in a while, the prescription for them is not strong enough....close, but not good enough....so this made me even more anxious.  I really SHOULD have had a new pair made but honestly I wear them MAYBE a half hour a day so it just seemed unnecessary....until you NEED them, right?  I think I should mention I am REALLY REALLY near sighted.  20/500!  Which means of course I can see up close really, really well when my lenses are out, [which is how I read at night] but with them in I MUST wear reading glasses to read or sew or work on the computer.  Well anyway, I went in and went through the examination and it was just weird all the way around.  Like I said I have been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 10 years old....so 50 years for those of you who remember I am sixty, so I have had MANY MANY examines over the years.  And they use the little machine that measures your eyes capabilities and goes from there to see where to start with their possibilities.  Well right from the beginning NOTHING was really all that clear.  He told me my vision had worsened by quite a bit and that I might need a new kind to compensate for my astigmatism.  Now mind you I have never even had an astigmatism in the past as far as I knew.  I was quite befuddled.  I left there with a pair on that SEEMED to be good, but nothing was looking like it had in the past.  I thought maybe it was just the new "kind" for the astigmatism and moved along.  However after we got home and I realized I couldn't even really see the TV too well and was strangely off balance as well so I took them off and popped the old glasses back on.  The next day I arrived there as they were opening and told them they would have to give me another pair to try as I couldn't see with these.  She was downright rude is all I can say nicely.  She was really quite horrible.  She had NOT been the one who originally examined me, but her assistant so she couldn't say what was wrong until she re-did it.  I wanted to point out I had already waited my turn, had an examination and PAID my money and what they gave me DIDN'T work and she needed to fix it, and before someone new began their venture, lol.  She wanted me to come in for another appointment on another day and in the meantime I am not sure how I was supposed to see.  I had to get kind of assertive with her and tell her I would definitely be coming back but that in the meantime GIVE me another pair to at least try.  She reluctantly complied.  However, while they were MUCH better then the weird astigmatism one had been, I still was not seeing right.  She was basing what she gave me in strength based on his examination of course.  I had to wear my reading glasses to watch TV which made me think they were just too strong.  I did get in on Monday though for another appointment and she ended up reexamining me and re-doing the machine part as she quickly figured out they were definitely TOO strong for me.  My eyes hadn't changed at all.  And I have NO astigmatism in that eye either!  The minute she popped on the RIGHT prescription [my old one!] I could again see perfectly!  Now the weird part is she showed me the reading that they got on Sat. and the one they got on Mon off of the machine, and I could see for myself that they were different.  She asked if I was a diabetic as that could affect the reading.  I told her I was not but I monitor it as I am boderline at times.  HOWEVER where I could see how MAYBE blood sugar could temporarily affect my vision, how had I suddenly developed astigmatism too since that has to do only with the shape of your eye.  I doubt blood sugar changed the shape of my eye.  She had NO answer, and really didn't know.  Now personally I think that maybe somehow either the machine messed up [remember I NEVER did see right that day through the lenses he was selecting] or they mixed my reading up with another patients.  I did go home and test my blood sugar [I have a monitor] and got a perfect reading for someone who had eaten a meal a couple of hours earlier, and another perfect reading this morning after fasting.  So I honestly doubt blood sugar had anything to do with it at all.  So how weird is that? Was it A.  A faulty machine   B.  A faulty original examiner who should have caught that the machine was obviously off.  C. Possibly a weird reading from a temporarily high blood sugar? or D. A mixed up with someone else's reading?    I have a feeling I will never know.  But meanwhile my vision is perfect again so I guess I will just have to leave this alone.  Oh, and I had my blood sugar tested just 3 months ago at the lab [both a fasting and an AC1} and my doc told me my AC1 was REALLY good, so I was definitely not diabetic [I am borderline because sometimes my fasting number is a little over normal] but to continue to watch what I eat and monitor it occasionally at home.  So for those of you who are still with me after this long, somewhat draining story, that is the end of that.  Hubby is pulling into the driveway so I am going to pop off of here and finish up dinner. I will try and post again tomorrow to show you some of my latest finished projects...yep, still sewing over here.  Hope you are all having a good week!  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. Sounds as if the examiner was off his game. If it had been the machine, the new examiner would have gotten the same wrong results. Don't you just hate it when they treat you as if you're crazy?! Grrrrr... The nerve of them!

  2. Hummmm, very weird and I'm sure very unsettling. Glad you got to the bottom of it.

  3. Do you know what I think? I think they got your reading mixed up with someone else. You know what though, I think different doctors get different readings. I still have never got glasses that work since my eye surgery. I am hoping maybe in December.
    I am so glad you got glasses that are right. That is amazing you can see so well close up. I think that is just cool.
    I am glad you aren't a diabetic.

  4. Glad that you got the contacts straightened out. Quite a long time ago, I had my eyes examined and got a new prescription that wasn't right at all. I was re-examined and the next pair were perfect. I wasn't feeling well the day of the original exam, and I wonder if that somehow didn't affect the exam? Since then, I try to make sure that I'm well rested and feeling well on the days when I have my eyes examined.

  5. Hi Debbie, Nice to visit with you. My guess would be the eye examiner was in error! I am so glad you got it straightened out. I am so amazed at how people find it so hard to admit mistakes, something similar happened with an eye examine I had a few years ago. the Optometrist declared it was me until he reexamined my eyes!~smile~
    I have been so lax in blogging lately and have missed so much! No excuse other than family visiting and busy, busy busy!~lol!

  6. All's well that ends well. I suppose. :)
    Glad you were able to get to the bottom of this mystery!

  7. It's a good thing you took the time to write this post because not only would you not have went through that box, but I wouldn't have remembered to make a call to my own eye doctor. My frames are excellent but I know that I need an exam as well.

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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