Wednesday, February 10, 2016


It's kind of late Tues night and the Hodgepodge just kind of snuck up on me, so I am going to try and get one up quickly.  I don't usually do ANY post quickly, but I am going to do my best...Join the others by clicking on the picture.

1.  Create an acrostic using the word LOVE.  If you're unsure what an acrostic is click here.  Oh boy, this was supposed to be quick remember, lol

Loyal, trustworthy and kind, are
Often what I desire to be,
Very often I fall short,
Except when Jesus lives in me. 

2,  Does love really conquer all?  Why or why not?  Oh goodness, lol, there is NO WAY to answer this quickly either.  I guess I will say that it all depends in how you are referring to it, and what you are looking at.  So I guess I will go by it this way and say that I believe that the Bible teaches that God is love.1 JOHN 4;8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  And so looking at love in it's truest sense, yes love conquers all.  Jesus conquered man's ultimate Jesus's perfect life, sacrificial death and Resurrection.  OF COURSE, there is a different way of looking at this if you are referring to love between human beings.  But in that case I guess I would think that while it might come close if it is true and unselfish and unconditional, it can't conquer everything...only God can.

3.  Tell us about a time recently where you really put your heart into something.  I guess it would have to be when I decided I wanted to try my best to help my niece get through a difficult season in her life.  God used that problem she was having to draw her to Himself, and I have done my best to help her grow and begin her new life in Him.

4.  What's your favorite fictional love story?  Hmmm I think I will go with the Notebook.

5.  Do you generally wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your cards close to the vest?  Oh I am an open book for sure!'

6.  What food says love to you and why?  I think it would be a great big nice t-bone steak.  And because it is the meal hubby always makes for me when he is wanting to celebrate something with me and he is cooking!

7.  When were you last "tickled pink" over something?  Explain..  I guess it would be a couple of days ago when I figured out how to work something on my sewing machine that I have been wanting to figure out for quite a while.  Yep, doesn't take much to excite me, lol

8.  Insert your own random thought here.  Too tired for many random thoughts right now, but I can say I am having such a good time making some baby bibs.  I love sewing period.  But I really REALLY love sewing for babies, especially my grandbabies, and I especially like making these little bibs as I use up scraps of fabric and trim, and am putting to use my new founded technique...see number 7, lol.




  1. Loved the baby bibs with the decorative stitches. Definitely wear my heart on my sleeve.

  2. Excellent acrostic! I love yours! A steak cooked by my hubs also says love to me. Food, home, love, comfort...they are woven together in many ways. Enjoy your projects and new found skill!

  3. Your acrostic ROCKS! I adore the bibs you make! So darn cute!

  4. I am here on official business. Let us forget that I would have been here anyway. =D (Official business: please visit the person ahead of you.)

    My, we really did have some similar answers! I do love The Notebook...such love. Course it wasn't a perfect "Christian" story, yet it even follows an old device from classic literature, which makes my kids' heads spin if I discuss it. Hey, can't keep an old English teacher down.

    The bibs are wonderful and I really like the phrasing. You could have a lot of fun coming up with funny ones!

  5. Love, love your answer for #2! Those bibs are adorable. You should open an Etsy shop if you haven't already. Have a great rest of the week :)

  6. You did great on the acrostic and answer to #2. And, yes to the Notebook! Would you believe I had an old boyfriend (remember I'm 71 LOL) call me a couple years ago to tell me he had just seen The Notebook and thought about me. Not sure if that was a compliment or not. Anyway, I was also wondering if you ever sew for yourself. You could make some adorable tunics and tops with that fancy machine and save tons of money. Just a thought.

  7. Oh, I love The Notebook! We went to Boone Hall Plantation, in Charleston last spring where they filmed scenes for the movie.

    Your bibs are so cute - I especially like the Daddy's Girl one.

  8. Love those bibs and your acrostic! Good job!

  9. What cute bibs!! I used to make those and they really are the perfect bib. I also love your poetic acrostic! Following you via GFC. :-)

  10. You are like a sewing factory girl! Your acrostic was fantastic and I'd say you did a great quick post.

  11. Your acrostic is great!!
    Pats-on-the-back for conquering the lettering! Adorable bibs!!


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