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It's time I guess to continue on with my postings about my children.  I am on to my third son now....James Michael.

At 25 I was still young when I found myself pregnant for the third time, but by now I considered myself a very seasoned pro. I am just going to go ahead and admit that I was definitely hoping for a girl this time round, and yet deep in my gut I knew that yet another boy was more then likely on the way.  Back in those days there was NO finding out the sex of the child while still pregnant, and in fact I didn't have any ultra sounds done either for any reason, so those must have been looming still in the future as well. James came almost 3 weeks early, and good thing as he weighed in at even 10 pounds at birth.  Good thing he wasn't my first my doctor told me, or even my second, as that would have been very difficult at best.  Let me tell you a little about that name right off.  I loved the name James, adored the name Michael, but HATED, and I mean HATED the name Jim or Jimmy.  So it was my intention from the very beginning to call him James.  I felt like we HAD to stick with the J's as not only were my first two sons starting with the letter J [Joseph and John], but my hubby's name was Jeff, and their grandfather's name was Jack.  So James it was.  Except right from the very beginning he became Jimmy, and that's what he was called until he entered Bible college and decided himself he wanted to be called James.  Soooo everyone that he has met from age nineteen and up know him as James, and everyone from his early childhood know him as Jimmy, lol.  And neither of these groups can SEE him as the other.  Me?  I call him both depending on the situation and mood of the moment, lol. But getting back to the beginning, James was jaundice, and therefore ended up back in the hospital after getting to come home for a day.  He spent 4 days there under the lights and let me just say this was a

very difficult time for me.  I had a very active 3 year old that I had to take to the hospital with me where I sat waiting until it was time to feed the baby, and a 7 year old that was in school who had to be taken back and forth of course and had homework etc. to get done.  Hubby was busy at work trying to support our growing brood, and of course I still had the cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. of a growing family.  Oh! and Joe had begun sports as well.  And of course I was TRYING to recover from having given birth to a 10 pound baby, lol.  But we made it through that only to have another dilemma at 2 weeks.  James had caught pneumonia while in children's hospital under the lights, and to say I was somewhat hysterical that a newborn baby had pneumonia would be putting it mildly. Somehow or another we made it through that as well without James ever having to be hospitalized again, and I was VERY grateful.  I feel I have to tell you now [though it was MUCH later that it became important] about what ended up being a VERY significant prayer and moment in time.  One night, in the middle of the night, as I sat rocking him to sleep after his feeding, I was busy praying and thanking God that he was doing better and just for this new life in general, when I felt the Lord was asking me if I was willing to give him to Him.  Not sure if he meant AT THAT MOMENT I felt myself cringe.  Was this an Isaac moment?  WAS I willing to just GIVE him back?  I knew that he ultimately belonged to God and that He had given me him to care for,  but my mother's heart was somewhat frantic I will admit.  But as I continued to pray and be in conversation in my heart with God I prayed instead that I was giving this son to Him to use totally in whatever way He saw fit for His service.  Somehow deep in my soul from that moment on I KNEW that this son would one day be in full time ministry for Him.  Now I have to go on to tell you that I did forget about that prayer and time until YEARS later, lol, but I am getting way ahead of myself again.  Jimmy was just an easy baby.  NOT that he wasn't every bit as active and somewhat wild as his older brothers, because trust me he was, he was just MUCH easier to handle.  Maybe it was my own maturity and experience at this point, which I imagine was at least part of it, but the main difference seemed to be he just WANTED to please me.  And again, it wasn't that his brothers didn't want me happy, they were just more stubborn I guess about wanting their own ways, lol.  Jimmy loved to be held, cuddled, and fussed over as well I guess, whereas his brothers wanted NO part of that and just wanted to be off and running.   So I did take HUGE advantage over that too.  When Jim was 2 years old [close to 3] we bought out first home and moved out to Chino Hills.

  It was quite a distance from where we had been living in Orange County, and there was no such thing as cell phones or FREE long distance in those days, and I found myself in what felt like the middle of no where knowing no one, lol.  After getting Joe and John settled in a new school, Jimmy and I were left at home to explore our new surroundings.  He was my little buddy.  I look back to those days as some of the best there were.  Our house was brand new, hubby's job was going well, and the boys had all gotten past the "baby" stage and times for me were just easier.  I joined a new women's group at our new church and got involved in many things there, as well as at the boy's school. I was room mom [do they have those anymore?], and team mom on their various sports teams, but no matter what I was doing Jim was my constant little companion during the day while the other boys were at school.  Least he sound like he was an angel let me assure he was BUSY, ACTIVE, and constantly on the move, but he was just soo sticking cute and sweet, pretty much everyone adored him wherever I took him, lol. Jimmy remained our baby until he was six years old when we FINALLY got our little girl, and so there did seem to be a lot of time where he and I were just together alot as his older brothers were soo busy with their activities. But we moved to Upland at the end of his KG year when I was 7 months pregnant with Melody where he remained until he married.  But let me tell you some about his school years too.  He too did very well in school. He also seemed to be gifted in the public speaking department, and won many a speech meet contest himself. He also was the lead in many class plays and programs.  Not sure how it was that ALL of my children were very extroverted and outgoing people, comfortable in the lime light as I DEFINITELY have never been, but they surely were.  Now I guess my hubby IS, and obviously they all managed to take after him in that department. He was also very athletic and enjoyed playing almost all sports.  And he excelled and played them well too.  When Jim was in the sixth grade and Melody in KG I began working at their school as an aide of sorts.  The morning hours were spent rotating between the KG and the 2nd grade just doing whatever each teacher needed.  This usually resulted in assisting with reading groups, math circles, and art projects.  Then at noon time I worked at the lunch tables and recess fields before I headed home for a couple of hours before school was over.  I did this 4 days a week, and  I LOVED it.  I had always wanted to teach, but this was about as close as I ever got. Looking back on it, an 11 year old boy in the sixth grade was probably not the best time in your life to have your mother around at your school at all, let alone supervising your lunch and recess time with your friends.  But honestly Jimmy didn't seem to mind me there at all.  In fact, he chatted with me freely, hugged me openingly hello and goodbye, and helped me take the trash out to the bins when it was my turn.  I think most of this was because that was just his nature, but then I also think it was because he was a very popular kid, a definite leader, and honestly just had lots of confidence.  He wasn't too concerned with what others thought. He was the student body president in both the seventh and eighth grades.  Most of the little girls flat out adored him, as did his little sister.  Honestly from the time she began school, until he finally married and moved out, Melody was openingly envied by most of her girls friends as he was such a great big brother.  He watched over her and protected her, took her places when he was older, teased her and played with her, and honestly just didn't seem to mind whenever she was hanging around. I was ALWAYS grateful for their relationship.

I'll continue you this next Friday as it is getting long as always.  Hope you all had a good week and that all you mother's out there have a wonderful day.   This will be the 3rd year without my sweet mom and I can honestly say I still think about her all the time, and miss her almost constantly.  I know that there are many others of you out there who have lost your mother's too, and you know just what I am talking about. I don't think you ever stop missing them.  I am grateful that I had such a good mom, and for all the memories that I cherish.  MANY blessings to you all, Debbie


  1. Hi Debbie, Loved this tribute to James. My hubby's brother was born James, but always called Jim until the 90's when he decided it would be cool to be called James Taylor. I've always known him as Jim and continue to call him that. I'm glad you are still blogging dear friend! It seems so hard to get around to visit everyone these days. Hope you have a blessed Mother's Day~it is bittersweet when we remember our moms, isn't it.

  2. These have been so enjoyable and I thought I was a busy Mom with only 2 children. I cannot imagine having 4. James is certainly a handsome fellow and sounds like a sweetheart! Happy Mother's Day to you Debbie!

  3. You had to have been crazy busy! I can not even imagine. My daughter is a coach's assistant this year for the youngest garnd's team. She wants me to keep score. Nope! No way! LOL! So I admire your willingness to be a room mother and a team mother, in addition to all your other activities and responsibilites.


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