Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, I got to spend a little time with Jeffie today and we had a good time. Grandma has been missing our time together since Leah has been home on maternity leave, so I jumped at the chance when they needed someone to pick him up today. I picked him up from school which was nice as I got to see him in his school "world" which was soooo interesting for me. He took me around his classroom and showed me all his things to include a plant they have each started from seeds...He was sooo excited. What a difference he has made since he first started. He was comfortable in his world and enjoying every minute you could just tell. Anyway, then we headed out and saw that new movie was a stun, in case you are wondering. I thought it was totally animals for some reason (even though the name of it is earth...duh) but it had quite a bit about the earth and it's climate and how it all affects animal life etc...Jeff was giddy was the only way to describe him. He could hardly control himself. What was really funny was how he knew the names of WAY more animals than I did. I don't know how he could possibly tell the difference on some of those, but he could, and he wasn't wrong on a single one...haha However, he didn't quite make it through the whole movie. One minute he was jabbering away and the next he fell silent and I realized I had lost him to dreamland. I tried to wake him as I knew he really wanted to see it, but there was no way. He was out.....So now we will have the excuse to go again as he missed the giraffe's and the zebra's for goodness sakes. Two of his favorites. haha All in all it was a fun time, and I heard him yell as he ran into the house....."guess what I saw, guess what I saw??" He is SUCH a little sweetie and how much I love him could never be described....

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  1. We took Jackie yesterday to see the movie and I totally agree, it was a STUN! She was on the edge of her seat the whole time! Words can not describe how much she loved it. As we left the theatre, she asked if we could see it again tomorrow. I think it might just warrant a repeat visit to the movies. Jeffie is adorable and I can only imagine his little body watching it. I'm glad we both get to enjoy so much time with our grandchildren.


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