Friday, June 26, 2009


I just got back from seeing the new movie called, "My Sisters Keeper" recommendation would be, DON'T see this movie....I am not sure what I was expecting, as of course I knew it was about a young girl with cancer, but it wasn't what I thought it might be. Not a single minute of it was upbeat, funny, endearing, or pleasant. It took a real life situation and told it in all it's horrifying reality...I felt somewhat sick as I existed the theatre. I LOVE real life movies...I LOVE what I call diligent worker movies where someone against all odds manages to persevere, and ends up triumphing over some nightmarish scenario requiring them to dig deep into their souls and muster up whatever action or emotion that is necessary to achieve that victory. These movies can include death, (what's more real life?) or hours and hours of hard labor or buckets of tears...But this movie, was just too real...It tried to show a moment or two or real life pleasantries, but for me, didn't pull it off. One thing it did make me feel was grateful.....Grateful that I am NOT living a similar life experience...there can't be anything worse than burying your own child. I am also grateful that my life is not without hope. I don't have to wonder (as the people in this movie did) where I will go or what will happen to me, or my loved ones who know the Lord, when we die. I honestly cannot imagine anything more overwhelming hopeless than living this life thinking this is all there is...and sooo many people do. Death is every bit as real as life, but we don't have to live our lives wondering and fearing it. Jesus Christ has conquered the grave and we can KNOW just where we will spend our eternity...

I think I might avoid these kinds of movies in the future and I didn't think I'd ever say that...Life is real enough most of the time and you so rarely see a movie that really presents death from a Christian perspective...I think I will have my new favorite kinds of movies be what I call, la, la, la .....haha

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  1. You have exactly stated the "feel' of this movie. It was smothering, horrifying, draining, and sad beyond belief. When Greg asked why on earth I would want to see it, I said I loved a good cry. It went WAY byond a good cry into a collapsing sob fest. It was haunting! And you are right, the worst thing was no belief in God. It was horrid!


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