Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, today was both my first day to weigh in after a week on Jenny Craig, and Jeffie's very first official swimming lesson....

My weight was been an issue for me on and off pretty much ever since I can remember. I obviously have a combination of things at work here, with the most obvious one being, I LOVE to eat, and I eat too much...I also think some people, do to their own particular metabolisms', gain weight easier than others. I think I have that....Then, some people eat when their emotional...sad, happy, excited, fearful, bored, stressed, etc. I most certainly have that.....Then, some people love going out to eat or getting together with family and friends over food, and I definitely have that too.... I also love to bake and try new recipes...haha Sooo, as you can see I have PLENTY of reasons "WHY" this has always been the case for me...I really wish though I could go back to when I was younger and just "THOUGHT" I was heavy, (and trust me I really wasn't) and could relive those days enjoying what I looked like, instead of always being dissatisfied. I wish I would have told myself then, that having 4 kids wasn't a good enough reason not to be thin. I wish I had actually taken the time and trouble to actually go through the maintenance programs of the diets that I used to lose a GREAT deal of weight in the past. I wish I had stopped myself BEFORE I got high blood pressure, or made my knees sooo painful I can hardly walk around on them, or before I no doubt probably put myself at least on the verge of diabetes.....But, here I am, and the old saying I hate is very applicable... it is what it is.....Soooo again, I am on a diet program....Again, I will have to plan ahead to accommodate what I can or cannot eat, again, I will definitely feel and hear my stomach growl, again, I will have to go months and months doing everything I possible can to get my weight down where it belongs. Again I will tell myself I CAN do it and pray that the Lord will give me the will power and the strength....Again, again, again, you'd think that somewhere, someday I might actually "get it" and not only be done with all this, but never being able to look down and see the numbers on the scale I want to see..

So, I officially lost 4.2 pounds my first week on the program, and I feel pretty good about it. The food is REALLY good, even if the portions are pretty nipped. I was hungry for sure this last week, but not unbearably, so I imagine I will survive. It was hard I am not going to lie....It was annoying carting my food where ever I was going, and not being able to eat out like I enjoy...but I really don't have a choice so I have decided I am going for it. One more time I am going to give it my best effort and get the weight all the way off and then enjoy being the age I really am rather than making myself "old" before I really am...I am going to find a place on my blog page where I will post my weight loss each week (for those of you who read this, haha) and use that as just another way to hold myself accountable. I have found that the more I do things like that the better I am....This is going to take me a long, long time, so I am going to just move along (as I tell my kids) and enjoy the rest of my life and try not to dwell too much on what I am, or am not eating....

Soooo, on a completely other note, little Jeff did very well today. He was very brave, and managed to get in and "move along" with his swim lesson even though he was terrified and started off in tears. He jumped in (holding on to her hands and not letting the water go over his head, but still) and did everything he was asked to do. Grandma was very proud of him....To celebrate this (and OK Leah's Bday a couple of days early) we all went and had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (me bringing my Jenny Craig salad kit along of course haha). He was such a happy camper there surrounded by all his beloved animals. Tomorrow will probably bring more tears when it's again time to get into the pool, but I know he will give it his best effort, and that's all any of us can do....


  1. Hi Debbie!! It's so great to hear from you:)Melody is such a sweet girl. I can imagine how much you miss her. It's so cute how you have a little time ticker till the next she comes to visit. My mom is doing really good. She had Gastric Bypass surgery because of her weight and the health issues the weight was causing. She had it done a little over a year ago and has lost about a 100lbs. She is living in Wrightwood and works out our restraunt in La Verne a couple of days a week. Ill deff. let her know you asked about her:) As for me..Im in such a great place right now. So thankful for all of my blessings. My kids our my world..Im seriously obssessed with them. Ha ha! It's crazy just how much you love your own children.
    I had no idea that your son was the high school pastor at a Calvary chapel down in San Diego. That is so amazing! We attend the CC-Chino Hills. We use to attend CC-Golden Springs, but CCCH has such an awsome childrens ministry. My son Jackson loves it there and Pastor Jack Hibbs is a really great speaker...Its never boring. I have Melody to thank for planting the seed in me:) I don't know if she told you, but a long time ago we were in Colorado Springs, Co. for a softball tournament and we had a wonderful conversation. I don't remember how it got started but I do remember there was this amazing lightning/thunderstorm like nothing I have ever seen before and Melody just starting talking to me about religion and God and before we knew it we were both crying our eyes out and we prayed and I gave my life to Jesus that night:) (Im getting all teary-eyed just remembering it) It was really something I will never forget. I gave my life to Jesus then, but I really wasnt walking hand in hand with him after that. It wasnt until I met my husband that I really started seeking his word and my life really changed. My husband is a really Godly man and he seriously is a gift:) Im so excited your going to follow my blog and that we can keep in touch now. I really love blogging, Im not at all that good at it, buts it theriputic to brag about my kids and write about all the good and bad about whats going on in my life at any given moment.Your grand kids are too adorable and your blog is super cute:) Ill keep in touch and deff. be leaving the comments...Good Luck with your new diet program, I'll keep you in my prayers.

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