Saturday, July 11, 2009


The day started off good and just kept getting better....Joe arrived at our house ON TIME with his 3, Lindsey, Jeffie and baby Cody, all dressed and ready to go, having dropped his oldest off at football practice on the way...anyone who knows Joe knows, this was miracle number 1...haha He got a little help from Leah the night before so that everything was organized, but still!! We headed out with the car full of excitement and the journey began...Forty minutes later we met up with Larissa and her 3, Capri, JD, and little Tella and had lunch at Carl's junior...20 min. later we were on the road again and arrived at the Staple center, quickly parked, unloaded our pack of very young children and quickly entered our "box" seats just as the show began....miracle number 2....I am not sure which one of the kids were more excited. Capri and little Jeff both very quickly decided to sit on Grandma's lap for the show, which made mine the best seat in the house...haha I got to hear all their little reactions to everything that happened and their squeals of delight as well. JD alternated between Grandpa's lap and the seat beside me....Tella and Cody both promptly pooped, haha, so Larissa and Joe headed out to handle that...and then the sweet babies settled in and dozed through the remainder of the show....The elephants and tigers were easily the biggest hit with our group, but the zebras and the dogs were a close second....For me, being able to sit and enjoy my grand kids as they laughed, cheered, danced to the music, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves was priceless and a memory we will all no doubt share for a while...Grandpa got them all cotton candy (what's a circus without cotton candy?) and they all gobbled that up without a single mishap and didn't even seem to get more electric from the sugar intake, haha, definitely miracle number 3....As the circus came to a close and we headed for home with all the kids dozing in the car, I was once again struck by just how fortunate I am...I just can't think of a better way to spend my day then surrounded by all my youngest grand kids, each unique and special to me in their own personal little ways...This is such a wonderful season in my life, and I am sooo thankful, my cup surely runneth over....


  1. I didn't even know you guys did this.

  2. We did this AND Larissa and the kids came over after for swimming and dinner...didn't leave until about 8:30 that night...JD did ask me once, "Where's Uncle Johnny??" working his life away apparently....

  3. What a wonderful night to share with your Grandkids, and what brave Grandparents you are! I could hear the squeals as I read your post, I'm sure they all had a ball!


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