Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is just a quick update of what has been happening this week....My Melly arrived on Tues. afternoon, and as usual her trip is flying by...We have been having such a good time...We talked and chatted the afternoon and night away on Tues., to include a STRONG discussion and disagreement on the amount of time she would stay. I guess we agreed to disagree....I really do understand where she is coming from....I guess she is young, she is in love with her husband (and dog haha) and a week away is about all she can bear. She wants to spend her birthday with him...In some ways I take comfort in this KNOWING that she is quite obviously happy with Mike NO MATTER where it is that they are living and how far away she is from all of us...because I know she was as disappointed as I was that she would miss all the other plans....Sooo, as I result we are squeezing everything I wanted to do with her into the few days that we do have. Wed. was a great day....We very leisurely had our breakfast and then dressed and headed out for some shopping. We got her birthday presents (clothes of course, haha) and had a good time doing it. I wondered at the time why it is I enjoy doing this so with her, and why I have really missed it. I guess I am just flat out entertained browsing through cute and modern and YOUNG clothes and then sitting in a chair as she models them for me....I guess it is because everything she tries on (well, almost everything) is sooo darling on her and I re-live my youth through her or somEthing, haha....Anyway, after our shopping we lunched at one of our favorite restaurants (though I did have to bring along my Jenny Craig) and again we took our time and chatted non-stop. After that we went and saw the movie the Proposal...I was waiting for her visit to see this movie both because it is the kind we have always seen together, and because Jeff doesn't usually like "chick" movies...though, he will see them with me and not even complain, if I will see his "neck snappers" (just what I call shoot em up action movies) with him and return the favor...haha....After the movie we headed home to regroup a bit and got ready and met Jeff and John for dinner at Macaroni Grill. Again bringing my Jenny Craig (I simply order a salad and steamed veggies and bring my little box which so far has not seemed to have been a problem at any of the restaurants I have done this at thank goodness) it was a great time...We finished the evening off watching When Harry Met Sally in our PJ's....Mel had been in the mood for that movie for a while but her video store doesn't carry it for some reason....then Thursday we headed down to Newport to get our hair done with Jessie...That, while it was long, was as enjoyable as the time we got home it was time for dinner and after dinner Mel headed over to Ben house to visit Ben (Mike's best friend) and Tim for the evening.....Yesterday our day started early as we began the baby shower preparations. Paper goods, food, gift, prizes, etc. etc. etc. To include picking up the cake (I will post pics later) which was DARLING (thanks Kristi) I LOVE giving parties and doing all the preparation work for them, and have actually done quite a few....Mel is both a rookie, and if she is being honest, not really into it...She just isn't enough of a shopper to really enjoy it. But she moved along really well, haha....Amanda was with us as she and Mel are co-hosting this event. Her mother was with her as well and was helping out too. I went home around 4 to make all the candy (which unfortunately I did sample just a little bit, I am soo weak, hope it doesn't keep me from losing this week) and get together the name tags and favors...Amanda and Mel went back to Melody's husbands grand parents house (where the shower is taking place) to begin making all the food. I would have bought the food already prepared if it had been me, but that IS more costly, and they are young and somewhat naive. haha....I have a feeling they were in for a LONG night....Melody and Amanda spent the night there so they could just keep working, and I will join them around 9:30 this morning to help...the shower starts at noon....I have a feeling it will be a LONG day but I am looking forward to it. I am anxious for some reason to watch Mel in her world...Tonight we are going to dinner with Mel's in-laws which I have a feeling she and I will be quite tired for (and I might skip as I am getting tired of my little dinners which I have to eat cold at restaurants) and then tomorrow is her birthday party. Jeff will have to food shop and prepare for that today as I am not sure where I would work it in. I have made my list for him and he is such a big help to me I wonder frequently what I would ever do without him....Mon we are heading out to San Diego to see Jim and his family who can't make it to the birthday party. Being a minister, Jimmy is ALWAYS busy on Sun. as he does both the morning and the evening services....and then tues. morning she heads home....We will have squeezed A LOT into these few days, and yet somehow I know it will not be quite enough. I miss her soooo much....I guess I am still waiting to not feel like a part of me is missing when she is soo far away, but it hasn't happened yet....I REALLY hate it....but, for now she gets to visit A LOT and I am grateful. I am also grateful to her husband who has soo obviously kept her happy and well cared for...Well, I'd best get busy on this day...I'll probably post again after she is gone and things settle down some....and in the meantime, I intend to enjoy this time with my Melly....


  1. Hi Debbie,
    My name is Kris. I am a friend of Kristi Rush's MOm, Maryrose. I saw your comment on my daughter Gennifer's blog. My blog is It's a Sweet Life, or on Gen's title page, Cakes By Kristin.
    I took a peek at your blog. What a nice family. Now I am going to go peek at your other blog. Happy day!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for letting me know that you've been reading my blog! I do not mind at all, sometimes I am just so curious as to who is reading it other than the people that I know of. My Mom always tells me that some of my stories bring her back to when all of us kids were little and she was doing just what I am now. Funny how things really do come full circle huh?

    Anyway, you are lucky to seem to have such a close and beautiful family too. I will have to check out your other blog... Please feel free to comment on mine any time!


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