Sunday, August 23, 2009


Capri aka "the butterfly"...

JD...such a sweetie..

Pretty little Donatella all dressed for the wedding...

Such a happy baby..

Jimmy & Larissa all dressed for the wedding. Jim "attempting" humor...Sorry guys I can't get the other pic of you two to flip around right..

JD enjoying his car ride..

Capri wore her wings through the mall...she lives out her world of make believe as much as she can...she got sooo many comments from people who were enjoying her fun...She enjoyed her train ride too...

JD polishes off his cheeseburger...

Capri had finished her lunch and was fluttering her wings..

Capri & Grandma played with her princesses and castle..

Capri wanted the princesses in the pic..

JD watched football with Grandpa..someday we'll watch him play I bet...

Yesterday Jeff and I drove down to San Diego to babysit JD & Capri while Jimmy & Larissa went to a wedding for a friend of theirs. Donatella went with mommy as she is still nursing. What a fun day we had!! Grandpa & I have not had many opportunities to spend a whole day with these two without their mom & dad and we took full advantage of the opportunity. We headed out for the mall complete with Capri's "wings" as she was in the middle of her game as a butterfly, haha...They were sooo good for us. We got the kids new shoes for school and a couple of pairs of pants as well. I "thought" I had snapped a couple of pics of their new shoes, but I guess I must not have since I can't find them. Sometimes Grandma is somewhat skitterish on these things. Capri's were the cutest little things I ever saw. I always have had a thing for shoes for kids as anyone who knows me well could vouch for...haha Anyway, we took our time and traveled the mall at the kids pace. They stopped and played on the indoor play ground for a while, and took a ride on the cars as well. It occured to me at the time that most trips I made to the mall when my kids were small were hurried affairs with me rushing as fast as I could to get in and out and complete the tasks at hand so as to hurry on to the next...Another reason being a grandparent is so nice. Not so much in a hurry anymore. After the mall we lunched at Marie Callenders where again the kids were just as good as they could be. Jimmy & Larissa are doing such a good job with them. They may only be 2 and 4 but they were polite and well mannered and so obedient.. = ) After lunch we headed back to their house and Grandma spent quite a bit of time playing "castle" with Capri and Grandpa watched football with JD..He may only be 2 but he gets and enjoys this sport....I finished off the afternoon reading books to them both which is another thing they both really enjoy. Jim & Larissa got back around 4 and we spent the rest of the evening having dinner and enjoying each other. Donatella was a good girl at the wedding I guess and Grandma & Grandpa took turns playing with her when they got back. She is such a happy baby. All in all it was a REALLY nice way to spend a Saturday. How blessed I am....

Play time at Grandma's

Sweet little Cody

So many choices

Better taste this...

What's up here?

I'll just chew on this for a minute..

One leg up, just one more and I've got it....

Maybe tomorrow, I need to rest now...

Cody has become really active at 6 and half months. Crawls, sits on his own from a crawl, and pulling himself "most" of the time. Sometimes he can't seem to quite remember how he's done it, haha...Any old way you want to cut it, DEFINITELY ahead of the game for the average baby. A preview of what's to come?? I think far he's right on course in daddy's footsteps meaning running everywhere by 9 months...Don't know if Grandma's going to be able to keep up. Better get in better shape...haha


  1. Very cute grandkids. I had to smile when you mentioned rushing through the mall with your own children, and leisurely enjoying it as a Grandma. I am sure that is so true. I can't think of a time when I had my girls with me at the mall when I was taking my sweet time. :)

  2. Thanks for letting my little butterfly be herself at the mall! I just love that she doesn't have any reservations about living out her imagination in real life!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Great post... I was just saying this morning to my husband.. when our kids were little we were always rushing to get everything done and didn't fully take the "time" to enjoy the creativity and imagination these little treasures are experiancing. I love that I can enjoy every moment, watching the grandkids develop into the lovely people they will become. Cheers to grandmotherhood :)

  4. I don't think I go anywhere leisurely, even when the kids are with their Daddy, I'm still rushing to get back to help. It's tiring! My Mom is always saying how nice it is to be a Grandma, actually I even heard that from a stranger at the DMV. I think it must be a special time!

    Your grandkiddos are just adorable and I love that you let your Granddaughter wear her wings. They are only kids once and that's what I try to remind myself of when it gets hard. Very cute post!

  5. Hi...Taps is at Dos Lagos mall in Corona, but there are more of them. I don't know if there are any out your way? They have a wonderful menu with excellent service. Good combo!!
    But pricey.


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