Thursday, August 27, 2009


I had Annabel and Cody's pic's taken yesterday while the others were at school. I haven't had Annabel's pics done since she was 9 so a BIG difference.....She doesn't start until the 8th.....these are professional pics so of course don't copy really well, but you can see how pretty her hair came out for sure.

Cody at a little over 6 and half months...His first professional pic..

What a little doll...somewhat of a Gerber baby I am thinking, but I am Grandma..

This bear isn't doing anything Grandma!!

Had to have a full body shot of course...what a big boy

How cute is this? Always has a finger (or thumb) in his mouth...

Another pretty shot of Annabel though she hated this one. Grandma LOVES it... you can see her pretty little face so well in it...

How cute is he on his very first day of KG??

Here he is after school. Grandma picks him up on Wed as mom and dad are both working..He was sooo excited..The first thing he said to me was "Grandma, the Ginger bread man is alive!! He was talking in the oven and he is hiding somewhere at my school. I have to come tomorrow and help find him." He was so excited and dead serious. haha Don't know for sure what he was told but whatever it was he bought it hook line and sinker. Oh to be 5 again...

You can't quite see him in this group, but I took it anyway...He is not quite as small as I feared he might be. haha He is such a little elf...but he fit in really well.

Here is full body shot of him. He wanted his new shoes in the pic..haha

A few months back my grand daughter Annabel experimented around with color on her hair and learned a valuable lesson....this is a really big NO NO..,haha She just about ruined her hair. It was orange in some places (very brassy) green in others and quite fried in MANY places. It was a mess. So Grandma came to her rescue and told her I would pay to have it professionally fixed but that it would be a process and if she didn't let me tell her HOW it was going to be, what color etc., I would not do it. And if she touched it in the meantime with another box of something, I was done even if her hair was multi colored or she was bald. Sooo, for a few months now my niece who works at a shop in Newport (and gives me great prices by the way or it would have been out) has been reconstructing her hair. It is a shame to be doing anything to a 12 year olds head in my opinion, but live and learn I always say. When all is said and done the most that we will do in the near future is a mini highlight every 4 months or so. Alot of her healthy beautiful hair is back and Jessie has made her hair VERY livable in the meantime....

Oh what we girls go one should have to start soo young...

Finished product here with my niece Jessie at her shop....The back and bottoms are a little dark for my taste (my grand daughter LOVED it, haha) but my niece assured me most of it will wash and fade out and was needed to cover all the green on the ends for now. Lots of swimming and porous and bleached hair don't go together well. Things kids shouldn't have to think of I'm thinking...

Here she is, lucky she is such a cutie.....


  1. Hi Debbie,
    You obviously get great joy out of your family, as I do mine. Isn't it wonderful to be able to spend so much time with all of them. However I know you miss your girls something fierce. I can't imagine how hard that would be. I only had to do it for the one year that my Gennifer lived in Idaho. It was dreadful on us both.
    Happy day to you.

  2. Ah, hair stories. I had my hair butchered at a hair show once, looked like I was a cancer patient for almost all of my senior year of high school. What a nightmare!!!! What was I thinking?

    Love the professional pictures you got, I too love the one of your granddaughter that she hates. Go figure!!

    BTW Taps is in Corona out by the Dos Lagos shopping center, I'd look it up online. Also, the salad that I make is the lime, cilantro chicken, chipotle salad. I'll have to look up the right name of it. I can email you the recipe if you'd like. It is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser for sure!


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