Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today, August 9, 2009 is my mother's 77th birthday!!

My mom is one of those lucky people who doesn't look to be any where near her actual age. She has always been very young looking, and manages at times to work circles around all of her 6 kids as well, haha...

Yesterday Jeff & I went down to their place in Huntington Beach and spent the day "celebrating" doing just the things she requested that we do, and that we ALL enjoy... We started off seeing the new Meryl Streep movie Julia/Julie...It was sooooo good. Just the kind of movie I love. Almost anything with Meryl Streep in it is automatically good in my opinion, but this one added a different and good story as well based on a true story which I also especially like. It was really funny in places, and what I call a diligent worker story in others. I was 100% entertained from beginning to end. Did I mention yet that I loved it?? Mom snacked on her Kettle Popcorn that she loves....This movie theater by their house sells the absolutely BEST Kettle popcorn I have ever had. I was a good girl on my diet though and managed to stick to my own little bag of fat free popcorn.. = ( After the movie we headed back to their house for a little conversation and then headed out to dinner at the Claim Jumper. They have a WONDERFUL salad bar which I added to my Jenny Craig box dinner so I was a happy camper. The food and conversation were WONDERFUL...Then, we headed back to their house for an evening of cards. We have an ongoing card game called hand and foot which we play as partners of boys against girls that we all love to play. Mom and I started out just smoking them which added to the day's fun, but the guys managed to come back and catch up and "TECHNICALLY" beat us by 40 points (which is just nothing in this particular game)but we decided officially (we keep an "official" score sheet to keep track of our games) to call it a tie, haha....Mom had requested her traditional Oatmeal Cake which I make for her EVERY year and they finished the evening off with a big piece of that...I had one tiny (honestly!) bite, and it was as yummy as ever..The cake really is delicious, and everyone in my family LOVES it. I have been making it on special occasions for almost 25 years now. If anyone is interested in the recipe I would be happy to share it...

My mom is a wonderful woman who I love more than I can ever explain. She is very active and fun to be around and I look forward to MANY more birthday celebrations with her....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you now and forever.....LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Thank you Debbie for making my birthday a happy time. We both enjoyed our time with you guys as we always do. The card game was a joy for the first two hands, I felt sure we had them until they came roaring back but we tied by mutual consent so I guess that's ok. It is so nice to have two guys that work so hard to keep us happy.Love you both

  2. oh my gosh is grandma really 77??? youre right she DOES NOT look it! sad I couldnt be on any of it....

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    I am going with some girlfriends to see Julie & Julia this Friday and I can't wait! My Mom said it was great too.


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