Saturday, August 29, 2009


Donatella LOVES her big brother JD and he ADORES her..It is so sweet

How cute are they??

Capri in "her" world..

She was playing Strawberlious...I love it and her...

Jimmy & Larissa came up yesterday for the day...Capri & JD wanted to make "Pinkalicious" cupcakes again with Grandma so of course I obliged...I think they both like the licking the spoon part the best...

JD was soo excited that he got to help with the mixing this time...

Future heart breaker or what?

Are we really sure we want his help Grandma??

We went and got a little hair cut for Capri yesterday as well and had bangs cut for the first time for her...She was such a good girl on it and was so funny on how she kept trying to see them for herself. Her eyes would look straight up and she'd practically go cross eyed trying to see. haha I caught her several times during the day still trying, I guess convinced that eventually she would.

She has such pretty natural curls and highlights in her hair..Her daddy and I took her over to the mall after her hair cut and had her picture taken at a little place where they digitally re-make the photo so that she will appear to be a fairy sitting in a large pink flower. When I first saw these kinds of photo's I knew I would never rest until Capri had her picture taken this way. It is just sooo her. She is my little girly girl who loves the world of dress up and make believe and lives in a place where fairies and princesses are very much alive. The photo should be ready next Friday so I will share it when I can...

Is she darling or what?

Looking back over my last several posts I see that the majority of what I've written recently is all about my grandkids. I guess that just shows where my heart is at in this season of my life. I just get such a kick out of the things they say and do and their innocence and love of life is what I love to be around. Jeff and I went to the movies today and since it was his turn to pick we ended up seeing District 9. For those of you who haven't heard of it, (I hadn't) it was an alien movie which is a theme which has always seemed to fascinate my husband. Oh my goodness, I guess I could say that I have never really liked alien movies, but this one may have pushed me over into the arena of I now may HATE alien movies, haha. It was (in my humble opinion) RIDICULOUS....BORING..VIOLENT..GORY..and did I already mention...RIDICULOUS.... I dozed for a while briefly and to my horror when I awoke it was still in full swing, haha....We usually try and avoid R rated movies. I just don't think it does my spirit any good to fill my head with what their content is usually about. But occasionally we make an exception....I may have to re-think that too...haha Jeff is now in the process of BBQing himself a steak, and I have made a truly wonderous looking LARGE salad for both of us. I have come up with more ways to cook veggie's and vary salads since starting Jenny Craig then you can possibly imagine...haha I get to pick the movie we will watch tonight on TV, and you can be very sure it won't be an alien movie. Hope everyone is having a great week-end.

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  1. Once again, your grandkids are absolutely adorable! It's hard to keep track of them you have so many!!

    I too dislike alien movies. They are really not at all my favorite and would probably never go to the movies to see one, Tim on the otherhand, like your hubby would. Hahah!!


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