Friday, September 4, 2009


Here is my precious little fairy Capri...How adorable is she?? Perched on her "pink" flower all sparkly with her little fluttering wings ready to fly away. She was feeling a little shy the day we had this done, but this is sooo her. How Grandma loves her!

Jeffie put together Grandma's new floor puzzle. He was so happy with himself. He is LOVING KG!! Yay...Such a big boy....

Cody working his new sipee cup and Cheerios at Grandma's...He is still having a hard time working his little finger and thumb together to get those in his mouth, but he just kept trying and trying, haha...He'd finally get one in and chew and chew like he actually had some teeth..Kept him busy long enough for Grandma to get dinner on the table for the other two..

Look at those big blue eyes...He works Grandma for sure with them.

Another season has flown by. Seems unbelievable that it is time to get out the fall dec's (plan on doing those this week-end) the kids have started back to school and the holidays are just around the corner. Wish I could say fall weather is in the air, but no such luck yet. It is STILL quite hot. But I know it will turn suddenly and it will happen. We didn't get to Mel's after-all for Labor Day Week-end. Jeff just really didn't have enough time to make the drive. We have to allow 4 days as 15 hours in one day is just too much for this old back and knees. And if we are going to drive that far we'd want to be there at least 4 days after we get there. Mel is busy with school as well, so guess it just wasn't meant to be....I have also found out that she is NOT coming for Christmas this year either. I will have to try hard not to whine about this. They are coming for sure for Thanksgiving though, so I am really perky about that. There is a "chance" she might come for a few days in mid Oct. on her break from school, and for a few days in Dec. by her self. If she can pull that off it will help alot with my whining. I know that it might seem like A LOT of visits to some of you, and what in the world am I complaining about, but I just can't seem to stop missing her so. I haven't seen her in six weeks now, and it just seems long. We still talk of course almost everyday, but it is just not the same as being able to see her face when she talks and laughs etc. There is just so many things I miss. But the Lord is ever faithful, and MOST of the time I really do quite well. I am so blessed with so many others that I love who are around me all the time. We don't have a lot planned for this holiday week-end with the exception of braving the beach for one last visit this summer. The Class families will join together to celebrate John's birthday and enjoy each other and surely the cooler weather at the beach. We might play some cards with my mom and Joe, and mom we REALLY need to get it together. It is time for us girls to win. All in all I am looking forward to these next 3 days of relaxing and rejoicing with family. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday week-end....


  1. Adorable grand kids you have! That picture of Capri perched on the flower is so cute.

  2. What beautiful grandkids you have. I am so glad that I found you on my mother in law Sherry's blog. I just love your site. Have a blessed holiday weekend.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    You have a beautiful family. And I get the feeling your family is very much like mine. Isn't it wonderful!! You get such joy from your grandkiddos too, and I cannot imagine life without mine!! LOVE that pretty fairy pic, and all of the kids pictures. I got one of those floor puzzles for my grandson for Xmas..Trying to get a jump on the season.....

  4. How darling is that picture of Capri as a fairy??? Just love it! I'm doing Madison's first birthday in fairy princess theme, can't wait! Your grandkids are so adorable!


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