Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is VERY early and yet I am already up and have decided that while I only have a few minutes until I must jump into the shower and start this busy day I just had to tell you the GOOD news that my husband and I heard yesterday at the oncologists....

As I am sure you recall, I DID NOT WANT to go...I was soo weary of it all.  I felt like I was on not only such an overload of information, but just have WAY too much in general going on to do much more.  And yet, my doc pretty much insisted, and my husband encouraged me (OK, he had to almost pull me by my hair, haha) and we kept the appointment.  How VERY GLAD I am that we did.  First of all, I saw both the Physicans Assistant and the actual doc.  They were both women and I LOVED them both.  My hubby had looked the doc up on-line (orginally just for directions) and found all kinds of GOOD stuff about her.  How well thought of and sought after she was to name a few.  Anyway, for the first time I talked at GREAT length with people who really know all about what is going on with me....I wish this had been my first stop or even my first conversation.   What stress this would have prevented.  They were soo patient with me as they answered my questions (sometimes over and over just in different ways, haha) and I could just tell how they cared.  Well, here is the bottom line....What I actually have is a PRE cancer condition.  Did you hear that word?   PRE cancer.  She has rated it a stage 0...BECAUSE it is a PRE cancer...After asking why everyone is SAYING cancer then, they explained that any cell growth that is abnormal is technically a cancer.  Soo, this is a CANCER, but it is classified in a PRE cancer category.  She drew me pictures and thorougly explained this.  At this point I don't have an ACTUAL cancer.  However, the pre-cancer situation that I have going on IS quite EXTENSIVE...It has a 30% chance of developing into a full blown cancer and with my breast cancer history in my family, she too would recommend a double mastectomy.  She went so far as to say since my breast cancer history actually goes back 3 generations (my mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother) that she would have a double mastectomy if it were her even without the pre-cancer situation...She told me by doing this I will eliminate "almost" ANY chance of EVER developing this disease.  She wants to test myself for the gene that would show if we do indeed carry this in our family.  This would help my daughter and granddaughters (sisters and nieces too) know if they too were at risk, and how to watch themselves more closely.  I am praying about this as it was a new thought for me and I want to make the right choice.  When I asked her how then the surgeon mentioned MAYBE finding something invasive from a PRE CANCER situation she told me what he meant by that is that there is ALWAYS a chance that when they biopsy the whole breast that there is a remote chance they might find a tiny piece of an actual cancer somewhere that was soo small it did not even show up in mamograms or ultra sounds.  Which she said that even if they did (which she believes WON'T HAPPEN) it would be soo small it too would probably only be rated a 0 or a 1 in which case there would still be nothing recommended besides surgery.   She also said this pre-cancer situation I have going on has probably been happening for over 10 years!!  It just takes sometimes that long for it to show up on a mamogram...So, she expects for me to have the surgery, see her two weeks later where she will go over all the reports (which she expects to be negative) and she will dismiss me as there will be no need for her services at that point.  I can just follow up with my reg. doc.  She also said I tested negative for the medication or harmones they sometimes give to women after treatment as well, so I won't be doing that either.  SOOOO how wonderful is all this???  I have felt such a load lifted off of me....Now of course I still have a double mastectomy coming up in a week.  I have MANY feelings about that.  But I am trusting my Lord and my family, friends and all of you to pull me through.  I don't do things like this well I am not going to lie.  But KNOWING what I am actually facing is so much better.  I am seeing my reg. doc this morning to discuss all of my appointments this morning, and I must have my ears flushed out.  Another LONG story which I won't bore you with.  But I would appreciate your prayers this morning, as I HATE HATE HATE doing this...I must do it 3 or 4 times a year...SIGH...

Then, on another wonderful note, we DID travel down to hear my son teach last night.  What an incredible blessing that was.  How he has matured in his teaching abilities.  I felt the Holy Spirit was really working in him last night, and soo many were blessed.  After the service a few dear people gathered around and prayed for me.  What another tremendous blessing. 

God is soo good to me.  How I love Him.  His peace has surrounded me through most of this journey and how grateful I am could never be expressed. 

To join the other thankful thursday posts click HERE....and may the Lord bless you all richly today...

I have 2 other appointments after this early one this morning so I am afraid I won't get around to visiting some of you like I usually do.  Know I am thinking of all of you and look forward to catching up when I can... = )


  1. Praise God and Blessings in your journey!!!!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  2. All of my tumors (breast) have been pre-cancer, too. I know how you feel. I have NOT had the gene testing. I am not opposed to it...just haven't had it b/c it is expensive and both my grandparents had breast with the pre cancerous tumors...I figure it is a no brainer and there is no reason to have it on my record. I know that is a bad reason....but my husband lost his job 2 years ago. He was old enough for medicare, etc. However, we had to find me a policy. It was challenge enough with the other issues documented.
    I will be praying GOD reveals to you what HE would chose for you to do.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. I have goosebumps...Praise God! :D

  4. Debbie, I read your post this morning, anxiously, and as I read on, I had chills, and tears of happiness for you! If there was to be any good news out of this...this is it!! How wonderful for you. What an enormous relief off of your mind. I know that the upcoming surgery is not something to dismiss, and you will continue to be in the prayers of many Deb. I know you have many appt's and such, but I will try to catch up with you in the next day or two.
    Love to you,

  5. Debbie - I am beyond words...excited for you, rejoicing with you and simply praising our heavenly father - who truly does love us like a father! I remember when you first came home from the biopsy and thinking (not doubting..truly not) but thinking that was not what I expected. Oh, but God was simply orchestrating a bigger moment!! and taught you some things in the days in between - things like PEACE! and I'm so glad that you shared them with us!! And now you even have the choice to proactively handle this in a way that you think is best (I'm not sure I could be so brave??) :) Goodness, this has been the post ever today.

    All the best with the ENT doctor - I don't like to have anyone mess with my ears! Hope your other appointments go well also! You are a blessing, friend!

    BTW - love the story of you carrying your boy down the street with your big baby belly:) I once made a run for help when my Tyler was five and broke his leg - definitely a run that only an endraline charged mama protecting her young could make!! :)

    Hugs - Jennifer

  6. Hi Deb,I am so delighted that you have an answer you can wrap you heart around!! God is so very good, and knows EXACTLY what each of us need!! I am thanking Him today for the heart of Christ He has formed in you and for the way you share your joy and delight in Him. I thank Him for tending to all that concerns you just as He says He will in His Word. And I thank Him that no matter what we face in this life, we can KNOW that He is with us and will deliver us and glorify Himself in our lives!!

    You know I am lifting up all the rest of what you have ahead of you, and you know that you CAN definitely trust that He has gone before you, and will show Himself faithful!!

    Love you, dear friend!
    May you bask in His love and mercy today!!

  7. What wonderful news Debbie...Wonderful fantastic and humbling...So very thankful it is all precancer at this God!

  8. Well Glory, my precious Deb just praising God with you and for you, have a wonderful day, and God is just so good to us.
    Lots of hugs and Blessings, Barbara

  9. That is wonderful news!! Praise God!

  10. Wonderful news, Debbie. Rejoicing with you!

  11. Oh Debbie!!! I am sooo praising God with you and for you! Thank you JESUS Thank you! Continuing to pray for your upcoming surgery and peace of mind as it draws nearer.

    So thankful for your DH and his urging you to keep this appt. He sounds so very precious! Bless him!

    Love you dear friend

  12. Praising God with you, and for you. You continue to have my love and prayers.

  13. PTL! Keeping you in prayers sister Debbie. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power! God bless you.

  14. Oh, this is such good news. Praise the Lord. Its been my experience that Oncologists and their nurses are really angels in disguise! They have such a tough job and it is so well. Don't ever be afraid to ask them about anything. Dear sister, I am praying for you, for my husband Ron and for all Cancer patients.

  15. oophs! I meant "do it so well." Not it is so well. Lol.

  16. What wonderful news! I know there are decisions to make, but God is with you and will give you peace when they are made. Please know I along with many others are holding you up in prayer. Be strong in the Lord dear sister!

  17. God is our great healer!
    God bless you and He may give you the desires of your heart.

  18. Oh Debbie what great news to hear!! If there is any kind of news about this situation I imagine that is the absolute very best that you want to hear! I am so glad and so happy that it is not more than that. I can't imagine all of the ups and downs that you have already gone through since this has all started. I'm sorry I missed your last few posts, but we got a new desktop so I should be back around in blogland soon. :)

    SO so very happy to hear your good news Debbie. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, and I hope you are okay with your ears again too.

  19. Debbie, I am sitting here tearfully, joyfully rejoicing, and praising the Lord with you over this wonderful news. God has brought you thus far and He will continue this journey with you. You have been such a trooper and such an encourager to all of us, and I know God is using this now and will continue to use this for His Glory. What a testimony you have of the faithfulness of God. I will be much in prayer over this decision before you, I know that as you seek Him and the interceding going on on your behalf, is a sweet smelling savor to our Jehovah-Ropheka.
    All my love,

  20. I am sooooo happy for you!!! So glad you found a doctor you feel so comfortable with and so happy to know it is pre-cancer and there are steps you can take so it never develops into the real thing.

    God is so good and faithful to you!!!

  21. Oh Debbie, I'm so happy for you. You sound so relieved and at peace with everything. I mean you still have much to go through but it sounds like you are in the right place. I'm so happy to hear this news Debbie, so happy. I will continue to pray for you throughout this and I'll sneak another one in for your ears! Thank you for keeping us all posted. You mean a lot to many people :)

  22. Wonderful news, Debbie. Rejoicing with you!
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