Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, I have had a very busy and very productive few days. On Thursday, after a visit to my regular doc’s and a successful and eventless ear flushing, I went down to Newport Beach and had my wonderful niece do my hair. Whatever would this gal do without that girl I can’t be sure, but I imagine I would not have the wonderfully colored hair that I do, or be quite as “current” as I am, haha…Seriously though, Jessie is wonderfully talented and I soo enjoy my time with her. She is like a good dose of Mel, as they are so much alike. When I got home that evening, my youngest son James had arrived to help my hubby load up the truck with all the furniture that I am both giving and exchanging with Mel. When Mel was a sophomore in college we bought her a BEAUTIFUL queen sized bedroom set with the idea that she could take it with her when she married and she would have at least a start on some nice furniture. At the same time we bought ourselves a HUGE Cal-King bedroom set which was really the first time in our married life we had ever done so. Well, the master bedroom in this house is GIGANTIC…It has really been nice. But now that we are moving, that bedroom set is WAY TOO BIG to fit into our new room nicely. Soo, Mel & I decided to trade. She has the room for the giant furniture, and I soo loved her set; it just seemed like the logical thing to do. Plus I had bookcases and book collections, and my gorgeous, wonderful (sure to be sorely missed) vanity. It matches the bedroom set perfectly (like they were made to go together ~ but they really weren’t). I just got it a few years ago and have enjoyed it like I can’t begin to tell you. But try as I did, there is just no where to fit in to the new house. Sooo, off to Mel’s it went. For some reason, I do like the idea that if I can’t enjoy it, she can. We also loaded up the futon that was in the grandkids room, and her treadmill that she had left behind. It ended up being a fully loaded truck of things. Friday morning my hubby and son headed off for New Mexico. Now Mel lives near Hobb’s (which is only 40 miles from the Texas border), so it is a good long way from here. A good 15 to 16 hours. They drove straight through. Jeff & I have made the trip several times, but we ALWAYS stop for a night, making it 2 very manageable days. After they had left on Friday morning, my sisters Diane & Danae arrived and we set off for a day of shopping. Danae is also getting ready to move, so she was looking for a lot of similar items that I was. Several hours later, we had managed to find us both new rugs. We are tiling our new family room and I needed a nice sized area rug for the room. I think we may have hit every store in our area that carries rugs, but we did manage to find BEAUTIFUL ones. I am very excited about mine. I also found a buffet for my everyday eating area. I needed a “certain” look, and a “certain” price range, haha, so this wasn’t easy, but I am very pleased with what I found. And finally, I found some bar stools for the counter bar that is also in the everyday eating area. Both the buffet and the bar stools match my everyday eating table REALLY well, and I am anxious to see it altogether. We also had dinner out, and went and saw the movie Letters to Juliet. We all enjoyed it soo much. They came back over here and spent the night with me, and we spent the entire next day packing. How grateful I am for their help can’t ever be expressed enough. We got soo much done, though there is still quite a bit to go. Packing up 24 years of life is NOT an easy thing to do, both in actuality and emotionally. I found my mind MANY times wondering back to so many memories and times in my life. It is a strange sight and feel to see all the boxes piling up waiting to arrive at our new home. I am mainly very excited to experience this new season in our life, but I have never let go of old ones easily so my emotions are all over the place. On Sunday, we all headed out to Huntington Beach to go to church with my mom and stepdad where they were re-newing their wedding vows to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. How darling they were as they stood on the alter holding hands and promising to continue to love one another forever. I am sure my sister Diane will post about this and share her pictures. I don’t take pictures anymore when she is there to record the event, as hers are ALWAYS soo good, and soo much better than mine. Jeff & Jimmy arrived home Sunday night tired, but happy that the trip was a complete success. Jim got to see Mike & Mel’s house for the first time, and Jeff told me of all the wonderful improvements that have done to their place since we were last there. Thank you soo much Jimmy for going with dad and not only helping out, but giving up your long week-end to do so. And I am just as grateful to Larissa who soo willing shared her hubby with us. I know that made your week-end LONG and harder. I am soo happy you got to go to Big Bear though with your parents and had not only something fun to do, but someone to help look after the kids. Yesterday, Jeff & I headed out and found and bought all new appliances for the new house. We got wonderful sales and we both were very pleased with what we managed to find. This pretty much completed what I felt like I needed to have handled before the surgery on Friday. Escrow is SUPPOSE to close Wed night (though you know how that goes, haha) and we should get the keys and be in Thursday morning. My brother who is doing most of the work for us will meet us there and hopefully it can all get started. It will be weird for me not being able to run over and see the progression etc., but I will have to give myself time to recover. There is still soo much that needs to be done, but I am doing my best not to stress on it. This week I intend to spend some time with my grandkids, and mentally and emotionally prepare myself for surgery as best I can. Melody arrives on Thursday, and how I am looking forward to seeing her and having her here for me I again can’t properly express. I am soo grateful for my God and my family who are helping me cope with all that is on my plate right now. My emotions on the surgery are all over the place as I imagine you can imagine. I will write more about this later as this is already way to long, haha…But I did want to let you know how much is getting done, HOW WONDERFUL my family is, and how GRATEFUL I am for all the prayer support. Hope you ALL are doing well, and have a wonderful week.


  1. Hello Dear Deb,
    It simply delights my soul to hear of how surrounded you are by your loving supportive family during this stressful time. What a blessing from God!

    Just as He is taking care of you now, He will be all through the surgery and recovery. Let Him be your portion and meditate on His Word...being ready to use it against any negative thoughts that try to occupy your mind. A real close friend of mine told me during a very emotional time that the best thing I could do was to begin my morning, before I even got out of bed, by giving my emotions to God and asking Him to be in control of them. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it made.

    Love you Deb, and please know that God is showing Himself faithful...bringing you to my heart and mind often so I can uphold you in prayer. What a great and mighty God!!

    Sending big hugs and lotsa love across the miles!

  2. Counting your blessings will be medicine to your soul and your body as well! I'm still praying for you!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    You certainly don't stay still do you? Nice to have your sisters helping, I am anxious to see pics of the new house and all of the wonderful treasures you have been shopping for. Good luck with your surgery, I am sure it will go just fine. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  4. Wow Debbie, so much to look forward to! I was just thinking how awesome it is that this move of yours fell perfectly into Memorial Day weekend with all of the wonderful sales!! It sounds like you are excited about the move, but like you said, hard to leave 24 years of memories. The good news is that nothing can take those memories away. Glad that you have things to keep you busy leading up to your surgery. You are continually in my prayers Debbie, XOXO!!!

  5. Hi Deb, Me again. Just want to ask you for prayer, too. My Sam, and her family leave tomorrow for Tennessee. I am baking a cake for an early birthday party for Miss Em and just now started feeling the emotions of her leaving. I still will have 3 girls here living with me, but they will be 12 hours away...a first for us. And I won't be a daily part of little Em's life any more either. I don't think me or Randy thought they would actually go...they're going to Nashville, did I tell you that...without a job or a place to live. He is actually having a harder time with it than me. Thank you dear friend. I know you completely understand.

    Love you,

  6. Hi Debbie, What a busy weekend you had; so glad your sisters were there for some fun times. I don't envy your move but know God will provide. I'm going to see the movie this afternoon with hubby.
    Praying for your peace dear friend!!!
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Busy busy indeed! Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes though Debbie? Maybe God knew that this would be a good time to keep you busy and occupy your mind with more than just your surgery and all that you have been through with your health. How exciting and emotional to be moving right now too. I can't imagine how much I might get worked up when we move from our first house that we bought together. Thinking of you a lot Debbie. Don't work too hard. :)

  8. Hi Debbie,
    What a lot you have to deal with right now. I am thinking of you. Will call this week.

  9. Its so exciting to hear that is going on and taking place...how God is working all the pieces together for so many different things. I am anxious to see your new home and all the things you have found to create that perfect "at home" feeling in the new place - I hope you are going to share pictures with us. And that Mel is coming soon - and able to be with you....I certainly will be praying as surgery approaching. What is the exact date?

    Keep enjoying those grandbabies! You know, they make all the difference:) Certainly make all that we do, worth it and more!

    Hugs - Jennifer

  10. Oh Debbie..... what a precious family the LORD has given you! He truly has gone before you in every detail! I know HE will continue to do so and I know you know that while HE has surrounded you with Love and Support through your family and friends all of us in Blog land will be covering you in prayers and sending our Love in the days ahead!

    Love you my friend

  11. Hi Debbie,
    What a wonderful family God has given you, as I was reading your post, I was thinking about Psalms 37:23~ the step of a good man(woman) are ordered by the Lord And He delights in his way. I truly believe your steps are being ordered by God. I felt a sense of peace as I read this post too.May God continue to bless and keep you in His care. I am thrilled that Mel is coming truly another step for you.
    Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Good morning, sweet friend. Hope you have a great Wednesday - and that the escrow does close tonight! I know you are looking forward to Mel's arrival..woo hoo. Lots on the horizon - but focus on this day and enjoy it! I will do the same:)

    Hugs, Jennifer

  13. Danae and I were both talking about how much fun we had this weekend. It was almost like a little vacation in some ways. It was so nice to be together and have such a wonderful bonding experience.

  14. Thinking and praying for you daily...I have something ready to go in the mail for you!!!
    Blessings...so glad there is God's hands and feet surrounding you,

  15. Hey Deb!

    Just stopped by to let you know that I'm praying for you! I've been out of the bloggy loop recently (packing and moving - I know you can relate!) and was so pleased to read last weeks post about your doctors reports and will continue to pray for you re the double mastectomy.

    I'm still up to my eyeballs with unpacking and can imagine your house looks alot like mine, LOL!!! Won't it be wonderful to get settled again - hallelujah!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  16. Debbie:

    WOW! You are a busy girl!! Moving after all these years is a big new adventure. Where will you be living?

    I grew up in Pasadena, and went to college in Santa Barbara, Westmont. Before my folks went to heaven, they had moved to San Juan Capistrano, which we all loved!!

    It's a small world!

    Loved visiting with you! I'll be following too...



  17. Just want you to know that the girls group I teach on Wednesday nights in my church prayed for you tonight. Hoping all goes well!

  18. Counting your blessings will be medicine to your soul and your body as well! I'm still praying for you!
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