Monday, July 19, 2010


The last few days have rushed by in a blur, but I have enjoyed every moment.  Melody and I had our work cut out for us as we had to pull together a bridal shower for my niece in just two days time.  Now of course we had our place reserved, thanks to my hubby.  A wonderfully nice man who works for him is the head of the Elks club on the Harbor in Newport Beach and made arrangements for us to have the use of one of the little rooms at a VERY reasonable price, and the chef who did the food is one of the best around (or so we had heard, which certainly proved to be true, but I am getting ahead of myself as usual).  Melody had the games organized, but everything else needed to be done, including a fitting for her dress for the wedding.  It was a little big (she didn't listen to me and order the 0, one would think I didn't buy her clothes for 21 years, haha) so we had to take it to a seamstress for alterations as well.  It is just going to be adorable though, and I am getting soo excited for the wedding.  I had ordered the cake from Kristi of course (who else after you have tasted and seen one of her cakes) and everything began to finally fall into place.  My sister Diane arrived here early and we headed down to Newport.  We did all of the centerpieces ourselves which was NO big deal as they were quite simple, but really kind of fun.  My hubby made several poster pics and a banner from her engagement pictures, and in no time we were ready.  The day just couldn't have been nicer.  The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have such a good time.  Jessie got soo many nice things.  We had a WONDERFUL sea food pasta salad, (which I ate a shameful amount of) and fresh fruits and veggies, cheese and crackers and bread, and HUGE shrimp.  I have to say as well that the lemon cake with a citrus cheese cream filling was the MOST delicious cake I have ever tasted.  It will DEFINITELY DEFINITELY be my new favorite Kristi.  Sooo good.  Larissa and Capri came over for a while after the shower and it was nice to catch up with them.  I put together a little slide show so you can see how things were, but my sister Diane is DEFINITELY the photographer in the family and has such a good camera.  I really just took a few token pics counting on her to get the good ones.  So mine is missing several important people and some good shots, but you will get the basic idea.  ENJOY....

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Melody is visiting her MIL this morning and Mike's grandma this afternoon.  Tonight her daddy & I will take her out to dinner to celebrate her 24th birthday which is Sat.  She goes home tomorrow afternoon.  I have soo enjoyed my time with her as usual.  She really likes the new house, but it is a little weird for her still of course.  It is a little weird for me too I guess.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it....Soo many little extra's that make it soo much more convenient for me.  Starting with no stairs.  Which when you have arthritis like I do and need both knees replaced, it is really a help.   I will show you a few more pics of the place...

My new kitchen ~ I love the curtains, but the sink? It will have to go eventually, haha

The view from the sink towards the rest of the kitchen and the everyday eating area.  We got some new barstools which you can just barely see

Another view of my new buffet ~ you can see the tile too

The family room ~ I love my new rug it's the perfect size

Our new bedroom ~ I LOVE it

A closer view ~ notice your pillow Janette.  It matches PERFECTLY!!  Janette from Janette's Sage made me the pillow my bear is sitting in front of.  It is a prayer pillow.  Visit her blog (if you haven't already) and see more about it and meet a WONDERFUL woman...

One of the bathrooms

Well that about ends my tour for today...Hope you all enjoyed it....It is soo wonderous to feel back to normal ~ whatever that is...


  1. It looks so nice Debbie!! And I am so glad that you are feeling back to normal...whatever that so true. But glad you feel better. Glad you had fun with Mel too!

  2. Before I forget ... I love Janette too. What beautiful pillows!

    Wow; this looked like a fun event. The setting was beautiful and the cake; oh my. I'm hungry right now and trying to watch my calories. Yeah, right.

    Your daughter is so beautiful and I'm so glad you had fun together. The bride to be looked so cute too.

    Love your new house and it seems like you're getting settled in.

    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh Debbie, the new house looks so wonderful. Looks like you have been in for years. Not a box in sight!!! And the shower looked beautiful too.

  4. Both Debbies...thank you, you both are precious.
    The party sounds just wonderful...God is suppling you with such wonderful happy events to celebrate.
    Your home is beautiful...glad the pillow worked...but especially the verse on it...Jer 29:11, which is being seen daily in your life.
    Continued healing and cheerful, faith-filled blogging friend,

  5. the continuation of the "grand tour"! I know your so excited to feather your new nest!!......And I'm with you about the steps - The house that we just sold was wonderful, but those steps got really old....I'm lovin' the rental we're in now....hallelujah NO STEPS and the house we're buying will have NO STEPS, either!! Oh, and I love your new buffet and the tile throughout is beautiful!!

    Also, loved the slideshow of the beautiful and fun!!

    Have a blessed week!

    He is Faithful!

  6. Dearest Debbie, Firstly a big applaud for hosting the shower-so wonderful for you to be involved in! Loved seeing your home and I have to tell you that I love the two birdhouses above the sink in your kitchen-I'd love some in mine! Loved seeing how quickly everything has come together and love Janette's pillow..going to check out her blog now.
    Have a restful week dear sister.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Love the house pictures - especially your kitchen! Well, all of the rooms look lovely but your kitchen just says "home" and sit and stay awhile! Such a nice feeling.

    The shower looks like a lot of fun - such a beautiful setting. With such gorgeous girls, it is going to be a beautiful wedding day for sure:) Happy Birthday to Miss Mel - glad she got to celebrate with her mama and daddy a bit!!

    Sure wish I could help with your storage organization - why oh why do I find such crazy chores "fun"??:) Again, I am so impressed with all that you have been able to get done so quickly!! Happy Tuesday -

  8. What a beautiful and charming new home, Debbie! What fun to decorate and make it your own. Your floor looks a lot like mine; same colour for sure! I hope you're feeling better these days and I'm glad you had Melody with you for a while. Wish her Happy Birthday for me! Thank you for stopping by today. I always love hearing from you. Take care, my sweet friend and enjoy your evening.

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. So glad you have had such a good visit with your Mel!
    Happy 24th Mel!
    Your video is wonderful :) Your house is just looking sooo beautiful, warm & inviting :0) Thank you for the tour!!

    I am so glad to know you are feeling better and better with each new day!

    Love you !


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