Monday, August 30, 2010


Well again such a busy week-end. I enjoyed every minute of it, but can't say I am not dragging a bit this morning and am looking forward to not doing too much today.

On Sat., after a somewhat leisurely breakfast and morning, Jeff and I loaded up and headed down to Bolsa Chica beach to spend the rest of the day with my sons and their families. We kind of do something along this line every year at the end of the summer, and somewhat celebrate my middle son's John's birthday as well. The grandkids have not had much of any opportunity to get together this summer, and they all enjoyed playing together soo much. Yolanda, John’s fiancĂ©e, brought a yummy potato salad and Carne Asada to bbq. It was soo good. Chips and fresh watermelon finished off our menu. It started off beautiful down there, but ended up REALLY chilly. It takes a lot to make me actually cold, but even I was wrapped up in a sweatshirt and towels, haha…I soo enjoyed watching the grandkids run and enjoy themselves. I took some pics when I first arrived, and then forgot all about it, so I only have pics of James’s family, and a couple of Cody and his daddy. I will show you what I have (I know you are living for them, haha) but they really are just not complete

Tella & her beloved Grandpa

JD posing for Grandma ~ he was soo cold, but not admitting it

The birthday boy John & his fiance Yolanda

Yolanda's youngest daughter Naomi ~ what a little sweetie she is

" LOVE the beach Grandma" says Donatella

Sweet Capri

Beach babies

"It looks pretty big Daddy", says Cody
"Come closer, you'll like it", says Tella to Cody

"Ok, maybe one toe"

"Is this thing safe Tella?" says Cody

"Sure, just hold on" says Tella

How my mom does the beach, haha, ready for a snow storm ~ though it WAS cold
On Sun. morning Jeff & I got up early and headed down to San Diego to hear James give the message at a church where he was the guest speaker.  How we enjoyed it, and were soo blessed as well.  The people at this church were warm and friendly.  After service we went out to a yummy lunch together and then Jeff & I headed back home.  It was ALOT of driving for a short visit, but we were soo glad we went.  And then last night John & Yolanda came by and we took them out to dinner for John's birthday.  I was going to cook, but after our long day of driving I decided to make it easy, haha...We went to a WONDERFUL Italian restaurant we have discovered by our new house and it was sooo good.  AGAIN I intended to take some pics of this and to show off the new shirts for work we got him as well, but I forgot.  Not sure where my head is. 
This is going to be a VERY busy week.  I have several "little" things I want to finish up on the house before Mike & Mel come for the week-end.  I am soo excited to see them both.  They don't have much time as they are coming just for the week-end and Mike hasn't seen his family since Jan., and they have the wedding of course which is why they are coming here in the first place.  But we are going to combine the families on friday night for a bbq, so that is good.  Then Sat. morning I will go with Mel out to Jess's to get her hair done.  That will give us several hours to chat.  Then Sat. night is the wedding, and they leave right after breakfast on Sun.  sigh....BUT!  They will be back in two more weeks for Jessie's wedding.  Soo lot's of Mel time coming up.  How I miss that girl.  I keep thinking that I will "work into" her living 1000 miles from me, but it hasn't happened yet. 
My dryer is buzzing which is my signal my computer time is up.  Have a wonderful week....Love to you all


  1. Hi Debbie, Loved hearing all about your weekend and the photos at the beach made me miss the ocean.
    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend.

  2. I just love that pic of Tella with her arms in the air! Oh, we thought the lunch was yummy too - until we came home and discovered that the chicken fingers that JD and Tella ate were RAW! I called the restaurant today and they apologized profusely and are sending us a giftcard... thank God they didn't get food poisoning!

  3. Precious times and Precious grandbabies! So glad you had such a wonderful family time!!

    Enjoy your time with MEL! I know you will cherish each and every moment!!

    Love and Hugs!

  4. Sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend Debbie. The good kind of busy though. I love being busy and going like that, as long as I have a couple of days of down time afterwards too. :)

    Great beach pictures. You are getting good at those portrait shots. Your grandkids are all so sweet. I wish I wasn't afraid to just lay on the sand like that and enjoy it.

  5. You have been busy!!! Such fun pics at the beach of all of your little cuties!! Love the one of Mom all bundled up. It was a perfectly delightful weekend wasn't it!!! Have fun with Melly!!

  6. You are sooooooooooo blessed! What most people would give for times like that...oh, how God has given you such wonderful gifts. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.
    The grandkids are just so precious...I can't wait for mine one day.
    For now this 49 year old takes her 4 year old to a Kids Day Out tomorrow...the first of my kids to do this. It will keep me young until those grand babies start coming
    Have a very blessed week!!!!

  7. LOVE those pictures of the grandkids - not kidding, either!:) That being bundled up on the beach so reminds me of my short time in Monterey. I had to go buy a sweater - I was so cold when we went out in the evenings! Funny, the kids will just go until they turn blue, though.

    Can't believe it is time for the wedding already! I pray it is a beautiful weekend - in every way. Enjoy those moments with Mel:) And now you have another wedding on the horizon??? When is your son getting married?

    Life is busy - that's for sure. Have a great Tuesday, friend.

  8. Precious pics, Deb!

    I know you'll enjoy every minute with Mel.....My daughter, Katie, just arrived from Florida and I'm soo excited! It's kinda hard on a mama's heart when our girls live so far away, isn't it!

    Have a blessed week!

    Hugs :))

  9. Hi Debbie,
    You know me I just love family photos of family time together. You have a beautiful family. I know you and your dh had fun, long trip, but fun.

    I know you are proud of your son james., And celebrating birthdays are special too. I am sooo glad that you are going to have some Mel time, so girl go and enjoy it. I am so glad you are feeling so much better.
    Hugs, and lots of love,

  10. Pics are STUNS! I love the one of Tella with her arms spread out. DARLING!

  11. I just love it when you stop by my blog...could we have more in common?? Always makes me smile!:)

    Hope you had a great Thursday!

  12. Hi Debbie... oh how I have missed my blog fix. I have had a very busy summer and have had very little time to blog. I hope you and your sister can make it to the DWTS party, we did have a fun time and we have not seen you in forver, so I hope you can make it. Talk to you soon....great pics of the fam at the beach. It looks like a fun time. Those babies sure are getting big.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    Love all the pictures from your time at the sure had a busy weekend and sounds like you have another busy one coming up! Such wonderful times with your family and what better place than at the beach! You are surely blessed.


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