Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jessica & Phil Patterson....her dress was beautiful...my son Jimmy had everyone laughing a few times...such a joy filled occasion

I managed to get some of the photographer's pictures....he was soo good...this was one of MANY fun shots he took, haha....Jessie had these tops made for the girls to wear during their "getting ready" time.  It said their function on the front, and Jessie's nick name for them on the back.  Mel is to her left. (nickname "Melodies" haha)  Their hair had been done by girls from Jessie's shop in Newport.  It was just darling.

How darling is this?

Bridal magazine cover don't ya think?  Sooo pretty....Jessie also got all the girls big rings like the one she is wearing here...soo cute

The stairs where she made her entrance

Ready to make her memorable walk up the aisle with her daddy

The Matron of Honor, Melody and the Best Man, Chris

Loved all the colors...Jessie's favorite flower?  Gerber daisy's of course

Phil got himself and all his groomsmen brown vans to wear for the day so they would be comfy...soo cute and soo them

A view of the sceen

Boy can you tell the difference when my camera takes the pic or what, haha??  But I love this of the girls

Lindsey getting her hair done....I took her and Capri at 2 to get their hair done by the girls from the shop and to have their pictures taken etc.  The wedding didn't start until 5:30 so it was kind of a long afternoon, especially for Capri, but the girls were sooo good.  And I loved being there to see the preparations and feel the excitement.  I did get lost on the way there however, and boy was I ever panicked.  I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone.  Mel eventually did and got her scattered mama to the place...sigh

Capri's turn....she wore a clip on ponytail as her's wasn't quite long enough.  It was just darling

A side shot...soo cute

My two cuties

Linsey & Katie....I realized later that I never did get the other flower girl Jackie in a pic.  Though her grandma, my sister Diane, has a wonderful camera and takes such outstanding pics I am sure I can steal a good one from her soon, haha

The little ring bearer fell in love with Capri...."I want to hug her" he told me when I wanted to take their pic...how darling was that?

All the little flower girls & the guest book girl Tabbie getting their instructions
("borrowed" this pic from Di)

They had floating lemons, limes & oranges on all of the tables as part of the centerpieces.  Here is Mel chopping the fruit and putting them together

They had this candy table set up as a help yourself souvenir....it was a hit, especially with my grandkids, haha  They also had a photo booth with lots of funny hats and props to take pics with,  What fun this was.  I'd show you ours if I could only figure out how to do it.

Mel's toast brought a few to tears...

Mother of the bride, my beuatiful sister Danae and her husband Paul

My grandsons JD & Jeffie enjoying some of the candy

Capri dancing with her daddy

My youngest son James & his wife Larissa

My oldest son Joe & his wife Leah and little Jeffie (not sure where Lindsey was, haha)

My middle son John & his fiance Yolanda

Mel & Mike

Jeff & I

The cake

Cutting the cake....it was SOOO yummy

Happy couple

Mr. & Mrs Patterson

All in all it was truly a beautiful wedding.  The ceremony was soo personal and a few tears were shed.  The food was outstanding and the dancing and music just finished off the night.  What a celebration of love.  There is a time and place for everything according to His Word, and this was definitely a time to rejoice.  I wish Jessie & Phil all the happiness in the world, and may the Lord make His face to shine upon them always in the years ahead.  CONGRATULATIONS to them both!


  1. What wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing such a special occasion with us. I LOVE the idea of the fruit vase centerpieces! Looks like a fabulous time!!!

  2. Every last detail was gorgeous! The bride was glowing and so beautiful, what a perfect day. What a fabulous photographer they got too, he or she really captured the fun of the whole wedding as well as the love. I think my favorite picture is the one that has the petals in the aisle in focus with the bride and groom in the distance a little blurred. Gorgeous!! You looked great too Debbie! Love your hair!

  3. Oh what fun, Debbie! I LOVE the pic of Jessie at the top of the stairs!!! So adorable! And of her and Melly and you and hubby, and all those handsome boys of yours!! You have a full life Deb...truly you do.
    God has blessed you abundantly! May you bask in His goodness toward you!

    Things here are good. We met who I think will be one of my sons-in-love
    last night. What a delightful young man. He is Mal's boyfriend (my 24 yo) and I would LOVE to see them stay together!! May it be so Lord...if he is the one I have been praying for all of her life!

    I know you had some fun with Mel. You know that just delights my heart for you!! {big smile}

    Hope your week is going well. Mine has been busy and a bit challenging with an extended family issue, but God is over all!!

    Love and hugs to you, my friend!

  4. great pics mom!
    Jess was just stunning and the wedding was perfect... both her and Mel had such personal touches in their weddings.... PERFECT.

    selfish side note: now that I see a pic of me & james I think my hair looked way better than I thought it did! {sigh of relief}
    It's stressful to be at an event full of hairstylists when you think your own hair looks dumb! Ha ha!

  5. What a beautiful day!! I just love all those pictures!! They really made it fun!!

    Love and Blessings

  6. What a GORGEOUS wedding and the Bride is stunning!
    All the girls looked Beautiful and the pictures are awesome!!

    I pray they have many beautiful and happy years ahead of them!!

    btw~ You LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Truly, like something from a bridal magazine. Beautiful family you have... I know you must feel so proud!



  8. What great photos Debbie!! She was a stunning bride! The venue looked amazing, and Mel and Jess could be twins!!! Such beauties!!! You look wonderful Debbie!!!

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!.......loved pouring over these spectacular wedding photos!! Thanks for sharing the joy Debbie!

    Luv and Hugs!

  10. Hi Debbie, Loved seeing these photos-what a beautiful bride and wedding plus the bridal party was gorgeous as well. Oh Debbie, the photo of you and your man was beautiful and I think you should enlarge it and frame it. The Lord is smiling on us isn't He!
    Hugs to you.

  11. Beautiful occasion. All the best.

  12. Can we ever get enough of weddings? NO, not me. These are just beautiful pictures and it was so much fun to scroll down. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Geez! I just recovered from looking at the pics on Diane's blog and here I am teary eyed again! Jessie just looks so beautiful and so happy. What a perfect bride.

  14. How totally awesome...isn't God just soooo good?
    What a beautiful and fun filled wedding..what a blessing....it looks like everyone enjoyed...even down to the kids, what a great touch.
    My daughter will have to see these colors...she will love them
    Oh, Gerber daisies...I had them at my son's wedding reception!
    Debbie...this was just awesome...now you have another with your son's wedding!

  15. Congratulations to your niece! She was a beautiful bride. All of the girls looked so pretty. The pictures were fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

    ps- I realized that my book The Help is not by that author you asked me about. Her name starts with a K so I guess I thought that is who it was. Woops. :) I have heard of Kingsolver - I think that's her name right?, but never read anything by her.

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