Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You can kind of see the feather Jess put in her hair...so cute

Well, it is Monday afternoon and it is almost over.  She leaves tomorrow morning....EARLY!!  Got to be AT the airport by 8!!  She has gone tonight to have dinner with Mike's sister, and to see her new place.  What a wonderful, wonderful time we have had!  I decided to write my post today BEFORE I sink into my usual post Mel slump, and because I have got SUCH big news to share.  I won't be posting this  until tomorrow though as Mel wants to tell Mike the news first.  She is nearly bursting at the seams.  I don't really know how she plans on keeping it to herself tonight when they talk.  I know I couldn't. It is all I can to do to sit on this news myself.  It is nearly burning a hole in my tongue, haha!!  But before I tell you rather I am having another grandson, or another granddaughter, I will back up a day or so and tell you what else we have been doing.

On Sunday we got up and just sort of sat around leisurely enjoying our coffee and tea and then got ourselves ready and headed over to my oldest son Joe's house to have lunch and spend the afternoon.  Mel was glad to see them all and happy she got a chance to see their new house already.  My other son John came by to spend the afternoon too.  Leah made a delicious stew (haven't had any in oh so long) and it was soo good.  I had only a small bowl and let me tell you it was quite difficult as it was sooo tasty and is a particular favorite of mine.  Anyway, after lunch the guys headed out to play some basketball, and us ladies stayed in the house to decorate Leah's kitchen.  She had everything in the kitchen put away, so that left us with the fun job of setting out her "things".  It was looking really good by the time we got done.  Should of taken a pic or two, but honestly I didn't think of it.  After we finished that the guys were back and we sat around and chatted the rest of the afternoon away.  Joe played some of the new things he has learned on the guitar.  He really is pretty good.  But then if Joe sets his mind to something, he works at it until he has got it down.  Guitar playing is no different.  I have a feeling he will be playing really well soon.  We left Joe's around 4:30 and headed down to San Diego to hear James teach the Sunday night service.  Mel has not heard Jim deliver a message for at least a year now.  She was just amazed at how much he has progressed.  It was REALLY good and blessed us all soo much.  After church we all went out to get some dinner before we headed home.  I stuck to fish, but did feel like after the day was over that maybe I had eaten more on the day than I should have.  It has been really difficult to NOT go back to my old eating patterns for this whole week that Mel has been here.  I did as well as I could, which at the end of the day is all you can do I guess.  We didn't get home until almost 11 and we were all beat.  It was DEFINITELY a very long day.   This morning both Mel and I woke up with such a sense of excitement.  We got ready and left for Costa Mesa where we were to have the ultra sound done.  Mike's mom and my mother met us there and we all headed into the spacious room with a HUGE screen on the wall so that we could all see the whole thing.  Oh my goodness let me just start by saying I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world.  I just honestly couldn't believe how these things have progressed over the years....The baby was soo much bigger than we all thought it might be at only 13 and half weeks.  It was sooo active and moved around soo much.  You could VERY plainly see the arms and legs and fingers and head complete with eyes and a nose.  AND....

very definite MALE parts!!!  Yes, it is a boy!! 

I thought Mel was going to jump right off the table when she saw this.  Suddenly all she wanted to do was RUN home to tell Mike, (might not have even needed a plane!) haha.  He will just be soo excited.  She wanted to give him a son soo badly.   He of course said he really didn't care on this first baby, but we ALL knew how much he wanted a son.  On a dairy farm sons often work along side their daddys from the time they are able to toddle around.   Mike sure has that is for sure.  Hope this little guy ends up sharing his daddy's love of this way of life  We were all in tears of joy and excitement.  They gave us all a couple of pics (soo much harder to see things clear on these little pictures versus the big screen on the wall) and we left.  We all went out to lunch and celebrated our joy.  After lunch Mel and I headed out to do a little shopping.  She plans on giving Mike a book by James Dobson titled, "How to raise sons", as her way of telling him the news.   If all goes according to her plan she will give him the book in a gift to open when he picks her up at the airport tomorrow.  She plans on videotaping (on her little camera) his reaction so that we ALL can see his face at the news.  She just couldn't bear to tell him over the phone as she wants soo badly to SEE his reaction.  I don't blame her.  If it turns out well she will put it on facebook tomorrow as their formal announcement.  Sooo fun.  I bought the new little guy a darling little outfit with a cow (of course) on it.  I also got some of those little socks that look like little boy sneakers....sooo cute!  What a FUN day this has been.  Mel is really pretty tired, but she has done pretty well.  Only a couple of queasy periods the whole time (and  no more vomiting since we picked her up that first night ~ though she is DREADING the flight home) She has had a couple of spells where she felt soo light headed and actually saw lights like she might faint, but has remained on her feet.  It made me kind of nervous to tell you the truth.  I have a couple of pics of her so called baby bump though trust me you have to REALLY look to see it, haha.  You can tell better with her bare tummy but she wasn't comfortable with doing that so guess this is as good as it gets.  How happy and blessed I am.  I know I will add "sad that she is gone again" to my emotions tomorrow, but that's OK.  I will post this as soon as she gives me the OK.  Thank you Lord for this most special and precious of gifts!!

Can't really tell from the front at all...

This might be kind of the way she is standing, haha

Because as you can see this one doesn't really show much of anything....but he is there, haha  I saw him!

How darling is this?  On one of the sleeves it says "here a moo" and the other sleeve says, "there a moo" and around the neck it says, "Everywhere a moo moo"

And there is the little tail....soo cute!!

I love these little shoe socks....

And they came in this little box in all these colors!!  Perfect!

By the way Kristi and Genn, there is a Destination Maternity right by us here in downtown Brea which is where we got her maternity clothes on Sat.  Such a fun place.  Really cute things and they were having a sale so we got some good prices too. 

It's Tues. afternoon now and Melody just called me from the airport and told me I could FINALLY tell!!  I've made a couple of calls and so I am posting this now.  Poor Mel got sick in a little barf bag on the flight home just as they were landing.  She did immediately tell everyone not to worry, she wasn't contagious, just pregnant.  She said everyone was very sympathetic, but she was sooo embarassed.  A male flight attendant had to come by and collect the bag when she was done.   He told her, "Don't worry about a thing.  My wife is pregnant with number 6, and I've got this part down well."  haha  She said she doesn't think she will ever fly again until morning sickness is COMPLETELY over with.  I guess Mike was thrilled and she did manage to video his reaction which she said she will post on facebook when she gets home if she isn't too sick...Poor Mel.


  1. How wonderful! A little boy! I am so
    happy for all of you! I know he will
    be one loved little fella! Keeping
    Mel in my thoughts and prayers...
    God bless,
    Love the Moo Moo outfit!

  2. Oh Debbie, HOW exciting!!! A boy!! What wonderful news for all of you! And how special that you could be here to enjoy the ultra sound with her!! I sure feel for her being sick. I remember it well. I fainted a lot too! NOT good! Love the little Cow suit. What a fun time with your Melly!!!! She is glowing, and no, if I didn't know it to be true, I would NEVER guess she was pregnant!!

  3. Debbie, I feel almost as excited as you-I'm here saying Yippee!!!!
    Now I really have to put on my thinking cap though. My dear friend-aka old next door neighbor who I used to do my projects with-is expecting her first grandchild too-a grandson. So I'm thinking that I'll be making some calls to her. Congrat's-to all of you and Mel-how exciting. I'm thankful that is it you cause with 9 grands here already I don't know how many more I can handle.
    Love you my friend. 8-)

  4. YAY!! YIPPEE!! WOOHOO!! I am thrilled for you and always in awe of how beautiful your girl is! Even prettier pregnant!! What a wonderful way to tell Mike, too!

    I share in your joy gal, and will be praying for your sweet heart tomorrow.
    Love ya,

  5. Debbie, Mel is so beautiful and is absolutely glowing.
    I was so excited that I read this twice, as I didn't want
    to miss one thing.
    My best wishes to all of you, next time you have my permission to get on that plane with her, and go girl go.
    Loved all of the goodies grandma bought, I bet you two girls had a lot of silly giggles this trip.

    I am so sorry Mel has had to deal with all this morning sickness, but once she holds this little guy, she will forget, at least until next time. (smile)

  6. How exciting and your daughter is just so beautiful!!! I love all of the really cute things she got for the baby and what a wonderful time you have had. Congratulations!!!

  7. How exciting, Debbie!! Your daughter is so lovely! Have fun getting ready for this precious grandson...he'll be here before you know it. :)

  8. Oh so fun!!! What a blessing to get to be there with Mel for such exciting news! That cow onesie is adorable; I love the tail. And those socks are great. They didn't make them until my 3rd child, but he had those exact ones and wore them all the time. They stay on really well and are just so cute! Your family is so sweet with how close you all are and how much time you spend together. I really admire that and hope when my kids are grown that they and we will be that way! Hope your excitement over a new grandson helps damper the sadness over Mel being gone!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!! I just knew it had to be a little guy - a what a little bit he is right now! But does Mel look adorable:) And now the hunt for the perfect name begins!! What fun for all of you.

    Congrats again:)

  10. What a beautiful post.

    Congratulations...I just love little boys. Your daughter reminds me of my daughter when she was pregnant for her first son...both are tall and thin and oh so cute with their baby bump. Mel looks radiantly beautiful as ever.

    And I love the cute little outfit with the little tail in the back...awwww so precious. You must of had a ball shopping for this little guy with your daughter.

    Love you,

  11. Oh how exciting!! I could feel your excitement reading this post. And how fun for you to get to be there when she found out. A moment you will never forget I am sure.

    Hopefully you won't get the blues too bad this time. If you do, just go out and buy cute little baby BOY clotehs to cheer you up!! :)

  12. Congratulations! My oldest daughter was married in September and I'm trying to be patient. I actually cried while you described the ultrasound and the excitement. Did I mention that I am trying to be patient???

    Blessings, grandma (I mean Debbie) :)

  13. What a fun post to read. The clothes are adorable. I have a thing about little baby shoes myself! lol

  14. I am jumping for joy!!! How exciting...the baby clothes are just adorable. Don't have the Mel slump, just stay in total excitement.

  15. Congrats Debbie!!! Tell Melody I said congratulations! A boy! How awesome. Such a blessing.

  16. Oh this is so exciting! I can hear your excitement through your words! She is just adorable and honestly, I look more pregnant than she does and I'm not even preggo! lol!

    Love the little outfit, such a fun time for you both!

  17. your daughter is absolutely beautiful! my
    daughter has a feather, too! i think they
    are so cute. congratulations on your good

  18. Mel looks adorable! How thrilling to have a boy for her first. Congrats Grandma!

    Blessings and love,


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