Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have a few minutes between activities so I decided to write another quick post. We have moved quickly from thing to thing, but we are having such a good time. Friday morning I popped over to Jenny Craig for a quick weigh in (I have now lost a total of 23 pounds, but that's another post haha) and when I got back we found my son James and his family at the house. We visited and chatted and enjoyed the day away. My parents joined us for a couple of hours in the afternoon as well. Then we all headed out to this wonderful Italian restaurant that we discovered shortly after we moved here (and BEFORE I was doing Jenny) to celebrate James's 31st birthday. Our other son John joined us for dinner. I had NO idea what I was going to eat when I spied a veggie sandwich on the menu. I ordered that and it was REALLY good. I won't lie though, the rest of the group had pizza, spaghetti, and wonderful looking bread and it was definitely not easy to pass up. But the weight loss is slow enough as it is and I decided it wasn't worth it to go wild...sigh....We came back to the house and the boys and Mel competed on the Wii. We finished off the evening watching the movie Tangled which Mel had never seen, and the grandkids love. This morning we all slept in a little bit and then got dressed and Mel & I headed out to do a little shopping. We went to this little maternity specialty shop by us and had such a good time. They had some REALLY cute things and I wanted to buy her something to wear. She doesn't really NEED maternity clothes yet but I don't think it will be very long. They have little pillows in the dressing rooms that you can strap on so that you can get idea of how something will look when you get bigger. It was soo cute to see her with a tummy. We got her a cute little pair of jeans, some tank tops, and a white pair of Capri pants and all for a very reasonable price. How I wish they had these type of maternity pants when I was sporting them. How much cuter they are today, and stylish I guess. After our shopping we got some lunch and then went and saw the new movie Soul Surfer. It was sooo good. I HIGHLY recommend it. It did have both Mel & I in tears through a lot of it though, just so you know; so very inspirational. It just made you think of how we all need to decide what is really important in this life, and what just isn't. What we can accomplish in this life through the strength of God. They He really does have a purpose for us all. And that He can and DOES use all of the trials in our life to mold us into something that can truly be used for Him. It made the verse in Romans seem so clear...

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

And in the movie they used the following scriptures as well

Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It was so refreshing to see a film that actually used scripture and put a positive light on Christianity. Carrie Underwood was cute in it and I LOVE her, but I think it is a good thing she makes her living singing not acting, haha.

Mel is getting ready to go and spend the evening with her very best friends from high school. One of the girls has been through soo much in the last year it is just incredible. She had her baby last Nov. when she wasn't even due until the middle of Jan. The baby was just released from the hospital 4 weeks ago. She has endured surgeries, 2 bouts of pneumonia, numerous tests and procedures and is still hooked up to a couple of machines at home but it looks like she is FINALLY going to be alright in another 5 months or so hopefully. She really is a miracle. There are 6 of them altogether. Two of the girls have moved further up north but are driving down tonight so they can all be together. I am glad they are all going to be able to see each other. Jeff & I are going to go and play cards with my parents and even though the couch is calling to me right now, haha. I am really kind of tired.

I want to thank all of you who took the time to comment on my last post. I ended up feeling soo bad and wishing I had said nothing at all. All of you bless me so much with your comments and emails and friendships, and that is where my head is going to be focused from now on. Not with those who have chosen not to for one reason or another. Can't tell you how God has used you all in my life. Hope you are all having a wonderful week-end. I am know I am!


  1. Maternity shopping sounds like such fun! Don't you just love those little strap on tummies:) Sounds like you and Mel are really making the most of your time together - what a treat!

    Sure hope the ladies when at cards again tonight!!:) And WAY TO GO stickin' with your plan while eating out and celebrating a birthday at the same time! (You are a better dieter than me!!)

    Enjoy the rest of weekend - and your time with Mel! Hugs, Jennifer

  2. It sounds like a fun weekend so far! I have heard good things about that movie Soul Surfer. Glad to read that you enjoyed it too. And btw, do not worry about your last post at all. I've not had time to send you an email back ...but I will. All is good.


  3. A very Happy birthday to James. I so enjoyed reading this Debbie, and knowing you are so happy surrounded by your family. I miss it so much!
    I thought it was so cute with you and Mel shopping and her trying on maternity clothes with the baby bump, I bet you all did do a lot of laughing.
    I will continue to pray for Mel's, friend's baby., Just being with Mel and her friends will bring comfort I know.

    I so want to see the movie Soul Surfer.

    Enjoy ,
    Hugs, Sue

  4. What a very nice day! Don't you feel so blessed to have been given the gift of a large family? Great job on the 23 pounds. That is so good.
    I loved your day,
    Have fun with your great family.

  5. YAY!! Time with Melly! I know you are soooo excited about this new little one that is on the way. It is sooo special when a daughter has a baby. I made a pillow for my Mom years ago that said "When I was young, you dried my tears, and held me close, and calmed my fears. Now that I'm grown up and also a mother, I look back and love you like no other." The bond with daughters is made even stronger when they enter motherhood. It is such a delight, and it thrills my soul for you, sweet Deb.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! I know you will!

    Love ya!!

  6. I remember finding out that we were going to have our first girl. My Mom was able to be with me at that ultrasound, and it was such a special treat to go shopping with her that day. You are wonderful memory-making Mama!

    And 23 pounds! Wow! That is so wonderful, Debbie. I so admire your self-control!!

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

  7. Sounds like you are having just so much fun with Mel! I know of a great maternity place if you two head back out...Destination Maternity. It's by Victoria Gardens, so many great choices!

    Great job on the weight loss Debbie! 23 pounds is awesome! I don't know how you did it at that Italian restaurant!

  8. As always I am so encouraged by your post, just seeing that God turns our ashes into His glory and He can keep families together through all the ups and downs, it just pushes me forward.

    Oh shopping for clothes...I can't even imagine my daughter being pregnant and yet she will be 20 here in a few days...oh, enjoy!!!

    Yea, yea on your weight loss that is sooooooooooooo incredible!!! I wish I had the will power you are having and could conqueror that hill in my own life. I am getting more toned...but not seeing the pounds drop...maybe having a teen age boy in the house all day that needs to eat isn't helping...LOL Enjoy your new body and all those new clothes you will need also.

    Great enjoyed coming in and seeing how it went.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss! I love your header photo and the new pink background.

  10. Hi Debbie,
    First off, congrats on the 23 pound loss!! That is fantastic. It's hard to pass up the goodies when you are in a group but sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work!
    Glad you had such a nice weekend. I bet you and Mel had fun shopping! I loved Destination Maternity when I was pregnant too! They even have an area for the kids to play while you are trying on clothes (which was so helpful when I was pregnant with Claire).

    Enjoy your night Debbie. :)

  11. Ack! I forgot all about my little Romper Room thingy you won! I sooo want to send you a little something!
    Please send your addy to me at!!!

    Hope your week is off to a good start, gal!
    Love ya bunches!!


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