Monday, January 9, 2012


Monday morning again....such a FAST week-end.  And let me tell you, I enjoyed every minute of it.  I am kind of tired this morning, but it is a good tired.

Friday night found us at my parents to play cards.  What with the holidays and everything we had going on we had not been there for that in like six weeks.  Time goes soo fast.  I enjoyed the game and the company, despite the fact that us girls got beat AGAIN....Just can't figure it out mom...It is our turn to win!!

Saturday I left here early (leaving my hubby happily watching football and just generally kicking back) and picked up my two grand daughters Annabel and Lindsey.  Annabel will be 15 on Wed!!  15!!!  I honestly can't believe she is already that old.  HOW can I have a 15 year old grand daughter?!  Anyway, I hadn't had a chance to do anything special with Lindsey either for her birthday, so I decided to just combine the two of them for some special time with grandma.  I enjoyed every single minute, but in the future I will try a little harder to give them both just some one on one time.  Anyway, we headed over to Victoria Gardens which is a HUGE mall which is more like a little city in that it is all outside and there are about 3 full streets of shops.  I LOVE it, but right now with my knees it is a LOT more walking than I can really do very easily, so we did a little less shopping than I think the girls would have liked.  Lindsey anyway, haha.  But, we started with lunch at our favorite sushi place.  Then we did some shopping.  We took the trolley a couple of times which did help me out quite a bit.  What fun we had.  The girls made quick work of their choices and I enjoyed watching then trying on clothes and just generally enjoying themselves.  Lots of the stores had some real sales going on as they are trying to clear out things from Christmas.  After a couple of hours of this though, Grandma was really starting to feel it badly in these old knees of hers, so we decided to hit a movie.  We picked a pretty "girly" one and the timing was perfect.  We all enjoyed it.  After the movie we headed over to Farrell's Ice Cream parlor where the rest of their family (and Grandpa!) was going to meet us for a birthday celebration dinner.  I don't know how many of you remember this restaurant, but they were popular years ago and had closed down.  Well, they have re-opened a few of them and what a business they do!  Oh my goodness.  There was to be an hour and a half wait for a table as big as we needed it (there would be 9 of us) so we put our name in and settled in to wait figuring the rest of them could meet us there when it got closer to time.  Believe it or not we all enjoyed our "waiting" time.  There is much to see there, and lots of noise and entertainment going on.  And the girls picked out an occasional cute boy or too as well, haha.  The rest of the family arrived just as we were getting beeped to sit, so it worked out perfectly.    Soo fun.  They have a guy who comes around and makes you balloon hats so of course we got a few of those.  The birthday girls got free hot fudge sundaes and had to stand in their seats while being sung to by a crowd of at least 10 waiters and waitresses.  They sang it in hip hop style and made the girls dance etc.  It was hysterical.  Grandpa taped it and if I could figure it out, I'd post it.  But for now I give up.  Anyway, here are a few of the pictures we did get.




All in all it was a VERY fun day, but I won't be going to Farrell's anytime too soon again, haha.  VERY difficult food choices when you are watching your calories.  I did eat a salad (with Jenny Craig dressing) and had only a couple of bites of hubby's sundae so I didn't do too badly, but it was just hard.  And then there is all the bells, whistles, and noise too.  Definitely a birthday celebration place, but that's about it.

Sunday after church and a great message we went over to my youngest son's house and had a wonderful lunch and watched the BIG football game, haha.  My hubby and son were really into of course, and the rest of us did watch some of it too as well.  We were ALL glad to see Tebow win.

I am going over to my mom's tomorrow and I AGAIN need to address these grey roots so my week is starting to fill up.  Hope you all have a good week.  Many blessings wished for you all....



  1. Oh, I hope I can still "go" when my Granddaughter is 15. I'll be 73 years old by then. Our children waited a while to marry and even longer to have children, so we are older Grandparents. But, I'm hopeful we'll enjoy good health a long time and be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

    Never heard of Ferrell's but I'm with you on the noise and commotion, a little goes a long ways.

    Happy week and take care of those knees!

  2. I remember going there when I was a kid!! DIdn't know they still existed!!!

  3. Another one of your fun filled should write a book on family weekends...your weekends are just the greatest!!

    Now take care of those friend just called and hers were bothering her and don't when she is taking gluosamine with MSM which it does the trick. I pray God will bring healing.

  4. How nice, I remember Farrels, I have been there is a long time.
    I love the pictures. Sam is so very cute and the girls are just beatiful. So you started today. I hope it goes easy, :)

  5. You are the best grandma Deb! You always have such fun and I love that. The ice cream parlor sounds great. Love the photos and Sam ...oh my! He is way too cute.

    Blessings and love,

  6. That looks like the perfect place for a party, although I'm with you on the noise and chaos. My emotions can only take so much, and I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting.

    But I sure would like to sample the sundaes!

    Sam is adorable!!!


  7. I want to hold Sam! He's so cute and cuddly looking. I dream of having grandkids and taking them places like you do. Sounds so wonderful.
    I also heard that MSM and glucosamine works wonders. I pray your knees will begin to improve greatly and that you'll have no more pain.

  8. Love the picture of Sam...what a cutie. Grandma time is just the best isn't it. Sounds like you guys had a great time

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  10. Dear Debbie,
    First things first, Now something has got to be done about you girls losing to the guys all the time! I would love to say I give lessons, but I am the last person that you would want to take lessons from. LOL.
    What you did Saturday with Annabel and Lindsey is priceless, these two girls will always remember this special day, you are priceless too!! This bought so many memories for me, and wish I had the opportunity to do more of it, I kinda got a taste while Susan was home!~smile~
    Wishing them both a very Happy Birthday and may they have many more special days with Grandma!
    I so relate to the wait with family for a table, we will be celebrating in a few weeks some birthdays and I know there will be a wait too, and like you we enjoy this time of fellowship.
    Sam is more adorable than ever, what a smile! just like his Mel's.
    Sorry for the long letter, but I do enjoy you sharing your life and family.
    Enjoy your week, and now while the guys are away let's tone those card skills,lol.
    BTW I love your new header! great job! I can't give you card lessons but when time permits will you e-mail me on how to make a header with several photos, pretty please.

  11. What a wonderful weekend! I love the one on one (or even two on two) time with grands. But with DD's surgery and the holidays, she's working hard to get caught back up on school, so I suspect I'll have to wait for some one on one time. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the times where I watch them (when mama & daddy need a date night, when mama has appointments or field trips for the bigger two, etc.). In fact, I've got the two littles here this afternoon (they're napping right now). We'll watch Cars 2 after naptime ... it'll be fun to curl up on the couch with the two littles. ;-)

    My hubby has troubles with his knees, but he has lost a lot of weight (as in 100 lbs.) and is having a lot less trouble with his knees. I'm praying that you will stay the course with Jenny and find relief for your knees. {{hug}} I know you can do it (as hard as it is - I know that from personal experience!).


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