Friday, January 6, 2012


Well here we are a whole week into January.  I have done A LOT of just plain old relaxing this week.  Our holiday "season" was a busy one and I think I was just tired, haha.  But I am ready now I think to get busy in this new year.

I headed back to Jenny Craig this morning and let me tell you it was with VERY mixed feelings.  I lost 40.4 pounds last year and it was VERY difficult.  Very slow, very deliberate, LOTS of whining and feeling sorry for myself, and a lot of soul searching along the way as to why this is always such an issue with me.  But last Halloween I just kind of got sick of it all.  Not just of the food, (thankfully I LOVE that) but the whole concept of HAVING to watch every little thing.  I fought and fought.  And prayed and prayed.  And finally I decided I would take a little break through the holidays.  Stupid one had to tell me that.  My plan (crazy though it was) was to somehow get through all the parties, events, gatherings and FOOD and somehow just maintain.  And then in January I would begin in earnest again.  Well, it started out fine.  Believe it or not by Dec. 1st., I had only gained 2 pounds.  And what is 2 pounds right?  But as I say, "I kicked the giant" and the next thing I knew I was kind of out of control.  Now truthfully not as bad as I have been sometimes in the past, but out of control nonetheless.  It was with HORRIFYING fear that I climbed on that scale today.  A total gain of 7.4 pounds!!  Now most people I know for a fact would be hysterical at a 7 pound gain, but not this gal.  7 pounds doesn't seem that bad for the degree in which I have been off.  I think I can take that 7 pounds anyway off again in a couple of weeks.  I hope so anyway.  Last January when I stepped back on that scale I had gained back 40 of the 55 pounds I had lost the year before!!  Sooo, this was much better right?!  lol    Anyway, the break is over, and  I must continue on.  I am not going to focus sooo heavily on it like I did last year as I think I spent more time beating myself up than anything else.  I will do the best I can do WITH the Lord's help.  I know without Him I'd have no hope of any control at all.  I will try my best to make this my lifestyle and not "my diet"....I will try and focus on seeking God and growing closer to Him and not worrying so much about my failures OR my successes.

MATTHEW 6:33  "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you...

I do plan on doing some sewing next week, and I am looking forward to that.  We did not get to Melody's over New Years, and I am really missing her and that little man of hers.  We are hoping to go in February.
Annabel's birthday is coming up and I am hoping to spend some time with her this week-end.  Cody and Donatella's birthdays are both coming up in February too.  I picked up Jefffie and Lindsey yesterday after school (Thursday are their early days) and took them to see "We bought a zoo."  We all enjoyed it, but I think it was a little over Jeff's head.  He is the lover of all animals though, so he enjoyed that part of it.  He told me after the movie, "Grandma, I am going to go home and get out all of my animals and build my own zoo.  Only this time I won't build cages, I will be "enclosures"....haha  See the movie to understand this.  How I love that little guy!  We are going to play cards with my parents tonight for the first time in 6 weeks.  I am looking forward to that too.  The weather is just glorious here is the only way to describe it.   Sunny, warm, mid-70's during the day, and chilly enough for a light blanket at night.  My windows are all open with a wonderous breeze blowing through.  I imagine winter will be back as this is weird even for So. California for January, but in the meantime, I am enjoying it.

Hope you all enjoy your week-end....


  1. Well can I cheer for you and pat you on the back!!!!!!!!! I think your loss was wonderful....I exercised my buns off and didn't lose a pound!! My stress shows in my stomach. You go girl...and don't forget to congratulate yourself on all those pounds you are still ahead of the game this year.

    Oh can't wait to see your sewing projects...they are always so good and my Bernina is in my room unused.

    Have a great always do!!

  2. Hi Debbie, Happy Friday to you and congrat's on not gaining more than 7 lbs-that is great! I know that with our weather changing and the biking ending, I have gained about 5 lbs. Most think that isn't much but on me, it ends up on my tummy. Started walking daily though. I'll be praying that you continue to stay strong and lose what you need to.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.
    Love, Noreen

  3. Love the new header Debbie. I am always ready to get back on track after the holidays. Happy belated New Year

  4. I applaud your success! It's no easy feat to navigate the food landmines of Christmas and come out the other side only 7 pounds worse for the wear. You'll chase them away quickly, no doubt.

  5. You are doing great Debbie, I love the attitude with which you are approaching this new year. It truly is a lifestyle change. I Have battled with weight gain and loss most of my life, and have just decided this year, it has to be a continued lifestyle. You go girl!!
    I always enjoy reading of your plans and time well spent with your family. And you and I both feel the emptiness of not being with our girls, one thing for sure dear friend, there will come a day when we will have no more goodbyes,.

  6. Glad you are getting back on track! Don't give up! You'll be so happy this time next year!!! Enjoy your weekend! I am hoping to take my Olivia to the movies tomorrow to celebrate her birthday on Sunday. Hubby has his Army weekend and I think the movies would be really nice once my son, Michael, gets home from a Bible Quiz match. Enjoy!

  7. Well I think you did so amazing with only 7 pounds through the holidays, I bet it comes off faster this time.
    Good job!

  8. It's funny how we dread and avoid getting on the scale after having strayed from healthy eating ... who are we kidding? I'm so glad that you bit the bullet and are now back on track. Praying that those 7 lbs. will be gone soon! You can do it!

  9. What is it about blond Debbies? I think we must all be alike. I could have written this post, except my weight gain back started earlier and went higher. Sigh...

    I'm with you.

    This year, I have promised myself to lose back not ALL my weight but to a healthy weight that I can maintain. I always lose more than I need to for vanity purposes, and then when I can't maintain it, I get glum and eat it back.

    So anyway, I'm with you and determined.

  10. Weight loss is a constant stuggle for so many of us. I liked reading your thoughts on it and I smiled as I read that you won't be going back to the ice cream shop for a long time. I can totally relate to that statement. I try to stay away from our Minnie Moo Ice Cream Shoppe, for that same reason.


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