Monday, January 16, 2012


Good morning!  I am soo loving the weather right now.  We FINALLY have some cooler weather and even a little rain.  I was beginning to think that winter wasn't coming to So. California.  Our week-end was low key but wonderful.  On Friday I went out to take my little grandson Jeffie to the docs.  Poor little guys leg had been bothering him for 3 days so we decided to have it checked out.  Mama and daddy are both working so I picked him up from school and headed on over to the docs.  She couldn't find anything wrong so we had to get a blood test just to check a little further.  Jeff was VERY brave...I felt bad for him.  Soo afterwards we headed over to Target so he could pick out a little something for being such a good boy, haha.  His leg was feeling just fine the next day, (naturally) but still glad we had a little time together.  We stopped for a frozen yogurt and I took him on home.  His mama was home by then so I visited for a while and left for home.  We decided to skip cards at my parents house as dh was coming down with a little cold and we didn't want to expose them to anything.  We put a fire on and a movie and had a nice quiet evening.  On Sat. we spent the majority of the day doing some chores around here.  Actually dh did the chores and I kept him company.  : )
In the late afternoon we decided to go and see a movie and saw The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep.  It was a pretty good movie and we both enjoyed it.  She was just a stun in it.  I love her though in almost anything she does.  Such a good actress.  After the movie we did some grocery shopping and came home and bbq'd some wonderful fish for dinner, and watched some football that dh had taped.  Yesterday we went down to San Diego and went to church and then over to my son's house for lunch and more football.  Just a nice afternoon.
I plan on doing some sewing and some laundry today.  Nothing really very exciting I guess.  Hope you all have a good week.  I am struggling getting my head into my diet, but I am giving it my best effort.  I do love traveling around blogland and reading about your wonderful recipes for dinner and sweets though.  A gal can dream can't she?

Psalm:  17:8  Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.

Love this!


  1. Hi sweetie, I loved reading about your weekend; glad to have the movie review. I too love Meryl and it looks like she did a great job. Hope your man kicks the cold to the curb. Have a good afternoon!
    Love & hugs, Noreen

  2. I love all of these great pictures in your new header, Debbie. Your family is so beautiful. And there's little Sam looking so sweet and cute. Your time with your husband and family just sounds precious to me, not boring at all. You are blessed and so am I. :0)

  3. When my daughter was younger, she one time complained about her legs hurting and I finally took her to the doctor and they did a test and it turned out she had strep. It seems it can start to spread to your muscles if not caught when your throat is just hurting. Hope your grandson is okay! Your weekend sounds lovely. We had a low key one also and I love them. Hope you had a nice Monday and that hubby is feeling better!

  4. I am dying to see that movie. I think Meryl Streep is one of the single most gifted actresses of my lifetime. Her range is fantastic.

    I hope it portrays Margaret Thatcher in a positive light and that Hollywood didn't do one of their hatchet jobs. I loved her and thought she was so inspiring.

    (Glad the leg ended up being OK. You're such a great grandma.)

  5. It sounds like a very nice weekend. It is so nice to be able to BBQ but it is lots different today.
    I hope your grandson's leg gets better.
    I was wondering about that movie, I like Meryl Streep too.
    You will do it, it is just hard to get started sometimes when it just feels nice to eat, :)

  6. It feels like a bit of Spring has touched down here. I love the pinks & blues; the plaid.

    Then again, Winter is a delight too. We have some cold weather & snow right now here near Seattle. It feels magical.

    Enjoy your busy doings - and dreaming never adds pounds :)

  7. I love Meryl Streep and like you, she is always good at whoever or whatever she plays. We may have to see that movie.

    Great to hear about your weekend and hope it is a wonderful week for you. Good luck with the diet!

  8. Debbie
    Yeh, I can leave a comment again!
    Sounds like you had a good weekend.
    I've been wanting to see the movie too. I just love Margaret Thatcher!
    When our children legs ached the ol' time Dr.s would say it was growing pains. It is always better to have it checked though.
    I, too, like your family banner.

  9. Sometimes the "boring" weekends are the best ... when they involve time with the people we love. ;-)

    I'm looking forward to that movie, too ... but will have to wait until it comes out on DVD. Too expensive to go to the theater ... and watching a movie at home allows me to turn up the volume and turn on the hearing-impaired subtitles so DH can enjoy it, too.

  10. I have wondered about that movie because of the mixed reviews. Meryl Streep is a superb actress.

    We are planning to see War Horse tomorrow. Every year we go to at least one movie and it looks as if this one is it. I am not counting Winnie the Pooh. ;>

  11. My kids love their "trips" to Target with Granny & Paps! Then again, so do I. My parents still spoil me...

    Enjoy your week.



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