Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wednesday already...and time for Hodgepodge.  You can join the others participating HERE.  ENJOY!

1. Spring is in the air (at least in my neck of the woods) and the birds are singing...what's your favorite bird?    I LOVE to listen to the birds sing.  LOVE IT....I sit in my chair here in the morning by several windows and listen almost every morning while I have my devotional time.  Even with the windows shut (though they are wide open today ~ soo gorgeous out this morning!) I can hear them quite plainly.  I have no idea what kind of birds are doing the singing....However, I do love a canary.  I owned one once for a while, and how I enjoyed it.  But my favorite bird doesn't even least I don't think it does anyway, haha....It is the Hummingbird.  Soo little and delicate and perfect.   I have a feeder on my front porch which attracks them soo well, and I love it when they come to visit and eat.

2. Speaking of you tweet? If so tell us your screen name and we'll come flocking to your Twitter site. Even if you don't let's all pretend here that we do-in 140 characters or less, sum up your week so far.  Don't tweet.  In fact, use a cell phone as little as I possibly can, haha....  My week has been spent trying to settle on decisions concerning my parents.    : ) 

3. Its been reported recently that employers are not only viewing the facebook pages of potential hires but they're also requesting your facebook password to have a look at what you've kept from public view. What say you?  I did just hear this recently, and I have not honestly given it a whole lot of thought.  I think though it seems ridiculous to think that they should have your password to "see" what you keep private.  Isn't that the point of the word private?  I don't know.  Everything just seems way too electronic and tech anymore to me.  I don't like the idea of anyone having access to my personal pictures, messages and thoughts.....weird and kind of scary
4. It's April and you know what that means-Major League Baseball is back in action. What's your favorite baseball movie? If that's too hard, what's your favorite sports themed movie?   I absolutely LOVE a sport themed movie, and I have enjoyed many of them.  I love "League of Your Own".  It is the one about the girl baseball players during the war.   I also love Hooisers, though that is about basketball.  Honestly, ANY sport themed movie and I am usually thoroughly entertained. 

5. Something else this season brings-asparagus. Yes please or no thanks? If it's yes please what's your favorite way to have it prepared?  I LOVE asparagus, but it is one of the RARE veggies my hubby doesn't care for so I don't prepare it often.  I will order it when we are out though if it is offered.  I like it grilled on a bbq.

6. What drives you? (Don't you love how I sandwiched that one in between asparagus and jugglers???)      In have had to give this a lot more thought than you might think....What does drive me?  I guess it just depends.  But at this stage and time and season in my life, my relationship with the Lord is at the top of my list.  I want to know Him in a deeper and more meaningful way, and I find myself in constant search for how to accomplish this.  I am also somewhat obsessed with wanting everyone I know to know Him too.  And so again I find myself dwelling and planning and thinking on how to better spread this to everyone I know.  I guess other things often occupy my thoughts and dreams etc, but I don't know if you could describe it as really being driven for any of them.  Sometimes it does kind of bother me that I am not driven by more.  Like I need to accomplish more.  Be more.  Do you know what I mean? 

7. April 18th is International Jugglers Day...can you juggle?  haha....I am lucky I do the things I have to do to get around, let alone "juggle" anything!  lol 

8. Insert your own random thought here.   My niece Jessica's husband's father died quite suddenly Monday morning.  He was only 65 years old and in perfect health.  Retired a couple of years ago and was enjoying his life with his wife of 35 years.  It has made me think DEEPLY these last couple of days of how we just never know the day our lives are going to be required of us.  Tomorrow is promised to no one.  A clean bill of health doesn't always mean a heart attack (or accident or whatever) is not waiting for us the very next day.  We must be ready to meet our eternity at any time.  My heart goes out to this whole family as they were a close and loving one


  1. Now that I'm 61, 65 is just way too young ... what a sad situation.

    I love hummingbirds, too. We see them every once in a while at the hibiscus we put out on the deck in the summer. I want to put a feeder out on the deck, but DH says that they can be sloppy ... and that spilled/dropped nectar will draw ants. :-(

  2. So sorry about the loss...

    With you on technology...

    Baseball...well as a mother of six I am still watching baseball and keep up with the pro team here..Texas Rangers, because my son so enjoys, well Field of Dreams and the Natural for baseball

    Fun post..have a great week

  3. So very sorry for the loss of your niece's husband. Life is very fragile, isn't it? I wrote about a similar situation on my post this morning. I have never tried grilled asparagus before...I think I will!

  4. None of us knows what a day will bring. So glad for the hope found in knowing Jesus. So sorry for your neices loss. My own dad passed away at 66 and while I know where he is I'm sad he missed knowing my girls as they grew and especially sad they missed knowing him.

  5. I am so sorry about your niece's father in law. What a shock! You are right. No one is guaranteed tomorrow!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. I love birds too. My cat sits at the window every morning and watched the birds on the bird feeder.

  7. Always enjoy reading and learning new things about you Deb. I too love the hummingbird and ours have just arrived this week. I also enjoy the whippoorwill I have one that comes near my bedroom window at night and it is an amazing sound. Sometimes I try and callback. lol.
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of Jessica's family, and will be praying for them.
    Enjoy your day.

  8. It sounds like you are going through some very hard things right now.
    I will be praying for you.

  9. I forgot about the movie-League of Your Own. Sorry about your loss. Prayers are with you.

  10. I've never thought about grilling asparagus...gee now I'm hungry again!
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your niece's father in law- life is just so short- prayers for her and the family.

  11. I too love the sound of birds singing! And hummingbirds are awesome. I love when they hover with their wings going so quickly. Greg and I are going to buy a feeder and set it outside on the patio.

    I love the movie "A League of Their Own". A classic and such fun.

    My twitter name is Panda444. I go in spurts though. When I have time, I enjoy tweeting and reading what others post. I get ideas from Twitter.

    As far as Facebook, I think we all need to realize that nothing is really private once we put it on the internet. If you don't want someone to see something, don't post it. When I applied for my job, I saw that they googled me. On my Heart Choices stats, our school administration had checked me out. I'm glad that I'm not ashamed of anything I write.

    Blessings and love,


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