Friday, February 14, 2014


I am giving myself a quick half hour to get this up so I will be typing quickly so please excuse any errors you might find, haha.

What a fast week this has been.  Soo busy too.  I decided kind of last minute to go to the ladies Bible study at church that was starting up last Wednesday morning.  Good thing the first thing I do upon getting up and making my bed in the morning is stepping into the shower and preparing for my day as it worked well for me on Wednesday morning.  So I was showered and dressed and had just finished my breakfast when I began my daily devotional time.  As I was praying and asking the Holy Spirit to give me direction not only for that day and for what I was about to study, but for my life in general right now, when I felt a sudden urging to go to the Bible study.  Now truthfully I had decided a couple of weeks ago to NOT go to the study for a number of reasons.  All of them pretty good ones I might add, lol.  So honestly I didn't even realize when I began praying that it was Wed morning and the study started in an hour and a half.  I argued briefly with God telling Him it was too late, I didn't have the workbook, it WASN'T in my plans etc.  I am one of those people who likes to prepare for things WELL in advance, and that includes mentally.  So at first I pretended I hadn't heard that little prompting, and began reading my lesson for the day.  The urging became stronger and then EVEN STRONGER.  So after a quick conversation with my hubby who was about to leave for his day, I gathered my things and jumped into my car and sped off to San Diego.  Now there is lots of traffic on the freeways in the early morning (one of my reasons!) and I can't car pool being alone in the car (another reason!) and it is FAR (another reason) but I did really well on the drive and made it there and was only about 7 minutes late.  Had I not argued with the Lord, I would have been on time...sigh, lol.  Anyway, after the study there was NO DOUBT in my mind, that I was meant to attend.  It is a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel and it will no doubt be intense, but I found myself close to tears as I realized just how much this study was meant for me at this time in my life.  As most of you know Beth Moore studies consist of a lot of homework (shamefully another one of my reasons!) and a definite commitment of my time, but I KNOW this is one of the most important things the Lord wants me doing with my time right now, so I am going to put it in the place it should be.  Number one.  After the study I was able to go to lunch with my son and his wife and their two youngest children, and afterwards to buy a new pair of shoes for little Donatella as part of her birthday gift.  Lots easier to have her along then guessing what would fit her etc.  By the time I got home most of the day was gone, but what a GOOD day it really was.  Why do I ever argue with the Lord might be a good question for me, but I am not going to dwell on that right now, just that He LOVES me, and His promptings are ALWAYS for my betterment.  But, the next 11 weeks are going to be a pretty big commitment for me.

 I have gotten a lot of sewing done this week as well.  I made Donatellas little leggings pants, and embroidered her shirt to go with it.  Then I made her some Tinkerbell PJ's and a pair for Cody as well. Kind of a long story there, but the shortened version is he really wanted Sponge Bob in the first place for his birthday gift, but I couldn't find the fabric anywhere.  Found it the other day, and so thus the pair for him. And then I finished up the bibs, (8 more....I know that seems crazy, but 5 of them are for Vinny, and 2 of them were for Luke, they are both at prime drooling ages) and have almost completely finished the bed skirt for the crib for Jessica.  Whew....I have really had to keep my nose to the grindstone so to speak, or in this case to the sewing machine I guess, lol.  But I really only have two more weeks to finish up all the sewing I want to get done before the shower, so I am really putting in the hours right now.  Hopefully I will get it all done.  I guess the baby isn't due until April so it is not CRITICAL it all be done by March 8th, but I have a couple other things I want to have ready by April 1st, so I need to wrap up the baby items.  It has come to my attention that maybe some of you might think I am bragging or boasting as I proudly show my completed items.  I feel soo bad because honestly that has just never been my intent.  I can't even really decide what to do.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at other people's projects and work etc., so I guess it is one of the reasons I show mine.  But honestly I don't want to be prideful.  Sooo, I think for now I might just show my items on Friday's.  I want to have the record of what I made for my books that I print of my blog posts at the end of the year.





Today is my sweet Dontatella Valentina's 5th birthday!  How I love her!  She is the sweetest little thing.  Full of life and love and sass and vigor, she is a total joy to be around.  We will celebrate her at a party after church on Sun so there will be more on that later.  Hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day with those you love!  Too many of this little cutie to pick from, so Grandma just posted them all, lol  ENJOY!


Blessings, Debbie

this took way longer than I intended, but I did have a couple interruptions as well.  Now I am really behind, lol!


  1. Gosh Debbie she is just adorable. I love that last one of her at the sink.
    What a cutie. I love, love that shirt and leggings. You make such cute little clothes.
    I loved your story about the Bible Study and I love that it is the book of Danial.
    I am so glad you listened to the Holy Spirit. I just love that.
    Have a lovely weekend. The weather this weekend is just fantastic.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Adorable child, but then all your grands are cuter than buttons. Why anyone would have a problem with a blogger showing what she's done is a bewilderment to me. It's what we do! =D Enjoy those Beth Moore studies.

  3. She is just flat beautiful to me. I love her face in general and her laughy eyes and smile in particular.

    (BTW, I love it when you show your projects. I agree that for some folks it can be a prideful thing to do, but I never EVER think that when I look at your stuff. I just think that it's cute.

    And now, as for the first part. I LOVED that story. I loved how you said that if you hadn't argued with God you would have been on time. LOL! So true.

    I have done that Bible study, and it's one of my favorites. You will have your socks rocked at the Babylon that we live in and be inspired, convicted, and charged to be a Daniel within it.

  4. Debbie
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Donatella looks so cute in the sweet outfit you made for her and all her other photos too.

  5. I for one enjoy seeing your work ... I sense a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done or mastering a new technique, but never a prideful or boasting attitude.

    Your little Birthday girl is such a sweetie ... We have a grand's birthday party to celebrate on Sunday too ... But his brother and sisters are sick, so it looks like the party might be in jeopardy. :-(

  6. Oh my, she is so beautiful!! Debbie, don't you ever stop showing your finished projects! Not ever! That is one of the prime reasons that bloggers blog! I love to see what everyone is making!!!! Promise me you won't stop!!!!!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Hi dear Debbie, I love the projects you've been working on-the leggings and top are so very cute! Of course, what a beauty you made them for. O.k. so got to ask about her with the mascara-was she playing dress up or something? Her eyelashes look so incredible but thicker than other photos. Love it that you went to the study! I haven't been to one in a year-where does the time go?
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  8. Oh Grandma, you sew so beautifully! I remember my mom making me things and putting those labels inside. I treasure many of the hand knit sweaters she made for me. I did that Beth Moore study a few years ago and loved it. The background is so rich and I loved when she filmed parts in the heart of Beverly Hills!

    Blessings and love,

  9. Those clothes are so adorable and I love the Tinker Bell PJ's!

  10. Wow, if anyone thinks you're boasting or prideful they must not know you very well. Such sweet pics of Tella!

  11. I love that the blogosphere provides we grandmothers with such a perfect reservoir for our joy. I had no idea how wonderful & consuming it would be to love the generations to come.

    Sweet post!


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